Louise Adler and Melody Gardot, two singers to listen to on the Internet

► Louise Alder, the soprano multiplied

His career is soaring on the lyrical stages around the world. British soprano Louise Alder has reacted in all tones to the cancellation of her spring and summer engagements. Like many of her compatriots, she protested against the indifference of the English government towards culture and those who support it but, beyond the indignation, she also showed unfailing creativity on social networks.

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From a boogie-woogie to a traditional song, passing by a standard of the musical comedy or a sample of Parsifal by Wagner, Louise Alder has recorded, voice by voice, various small pieces. When put together, these isolated parts merge into an intoxicating and perfectly adjusted polyphony. Especially since the mischievous soprano varies her hairstyle and the color of her lipstick, puts on sunglasses and adopts a glamorous look of the happiest effect! To all those who still dare to claim that the opera smells of dust, the soprano brings a tasty digital denial that we can easily imagine accompanying her future stage performances.

► Melody Gardot and his “orchestra of the impossible”

Confined to Paris, Melody Gardot organized a worldwide digital “live casting” via social networks to constitute “an orchestra of the impossible” and have it recorded.r From Paris with Love, a new song from his next album. ” I told myself that we could virtually get out of our confinements to continue to create », Explains the jazz singer.

The contestants performed the score while recording and sent their video to the Decca (Universal Music) label. Melody Gardot and its producer Larry Klein have selected around sixty musicians from all continents. The result, an elegant, visible participatory clip intersperses images of the American diva walking the deserted streets of Paris, shots of the musicians accompanying her from their homes, and digital postcards of support from fans around the world.

The singer performs with a veiled sweetness From Paris with Love, a timeless jazz ballad whose rights are donated to the association “Help your Caregiver”. Can the initiative be reproduced, avoiding costly and energy-consuming trips? It shows in any case that beautiful moments of music can be born from digital.


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