LU is releasing a special edition of its Petit Beurre dedicated to nursing staff

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The special edition of Petit Beurre Lu dedicated to caregivers – LU / Mondelez

It is a first since the creation of Petit Beurre, in 1886. In recent days, a limited series of the famous cookie has been in production at the LU factory in La Haye-Fouassière, near Nantes. For this special edition, the traditional inscription “Lu Petit-Beurre Nantes” has been exceptionally replaced by the phrase “Merci beaucoup”. A tribute to the staff of hospitals and nursing homes mobilized during the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the Mondelez group, nearly 10,000 packs of cookies have already been offered to the Loire-Atlantique Red Cross in order to be distributed to hospitals in the Nantes region. At the weekend, 12,000 cookies were, for example, given to caregivers in Châteaubriant. “A strong symbolic act,” says factory director Matthieu Le Paih.

Wheat players will be entitled to their cookies

If the general public should not find this special edition on the shelves, players in the sustainable wheat “Harmony” sector will also have the chance to nibble on these unique cookies. More than 1,800 packages were distributed to all farmers, cooperatives, traders and millers partners “to thank them symbolically for their involvement” during the crisis, adds Mondelez.




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