Luciana Fuster made a surprise promise to Austin Palao after winning the circuit

The fighter would have been the motivation for Austin to win the last circuit of the semifinal.

Luciana Fuster was speechless when Gian Piero Diaz recalled in front of cameras that she did not hesitate to accompany Austin Palao throughout the competition to encourage you. The driver revealed that the model would have promised something to the brother of Said Palao after winning.

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“Piero obviously very committed (with the competition). It was the last point because they would not let us accompany, but in the end they would all go … There were four words: come on, Austin, you can,” said Lucianita, who assured that he did not make a promise and only praised him for his triumph.

On your side, Austin Palao He thanked the support of all his colleagues and even the words of his ex-partner: “In that section I was so tired and focused. That’s why I didn’t hear almost anything. I was very tired.”

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