Luis Abinader ends visit to Guerra with promise of 2,500 titles

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, culminated his visit to the municipality of Guerra this Sunday afternoon with the promise of delivery of property titles to the municipalities.

“The degree project is a special project for me, a special project of this Government, because with the degree each family, each woman, which is what she wants the most, will have her own piece on earth,” said the president.

The president pointed out that the State is working on solving bureaucratic problems in order to speed up these titling processes.

“That title also makes them creditworthy, for those who have small businesses, instead of going to take out loans at high interest, they will be able to do it through a bank because they will have a guarantee,” said the head of state.

He urged those in charge to speed up the work to deliver the titles as soon as possible.

“You can be sure that this Government is working to improve the quality of life of each of the Dominicans,” he said.

In that sense, the director of the Permanent Commission for Land Titling of the State, Mérido de Jesús Torres Espinal, explained that starting next week a brigade of that commission will carry out a survey of 14 plots, of which 13 are owned by the council of the municipality of Guerra and one of the State Sugar Council (CEA).

“According to the information we have so far, of those 13 parcels we will have 2,500 titles in the name of each beneficiary of the municipality of Guerra,” Torres said.

The director pointed out that these titles will benefit 10,000 families directly.

Torres indicated that the second stage will be carried out with plot 14, so that it will also be passed on to the municipalities.

“With the obtaining of the title certificates, 90% of the needs of this municipality will be covered,” he said.

Torres indicated that it is only necessary for the Chapter House of the Municipality of Guerra to issue the resolution required for the parcels to be transferred in the name of the State to subsequently start the process for each citizen.

Similarly, Torre pointed out that in the next few days the titling of houses, dwellings or plots will be carried out for free, so no one can charge for this service.

“Everything that is spent is covered by the presidency of the Republic,” he said.


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