Luis Suárez reveals that Koeman ran him off with a 40 sec call!

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The last season exploded a bombshell in Spain that very few imagined, and that is Ronald Koeman ran to Luis Suárez from Barcelona after informing him that he was not in his plans, where now the Charrúa revealed that it all happened in a 40 second call.

Suarez was one of the referents in attack of the FC Barcelona next to Lionel Messi, but after internal problems and a crisis of results, both they decided to take different directions, all linked to the management of Bartomeu.

How was Koeman’s call to Suárez?

Speaking on Gerard Romero’s Twitch channel, Luis Suárez revealed how he left Barcelona, where he confessed that Ronald Koeman was never clear on his intentions, but that at the time of running it did not have the courage to tell him up front.

Koeman’s call to tell me that I it was not in his plans lasted 40 seconds, is not the way to put it. First he told me that I was not in his plans, and then he told me that if I couldn’t get my contract resolved, I was going to play against Villarreal. He did not have the personality to tell me clearly if he did not love me or if it was really the club that did not love me, “said Suárez.

At that time SuÁrez not only received this bad news, but Lionel Messi also confessed that he was going to try to leave Barcelona, reminding Bartomeu and the problems that there were; in the end the Argentine stayed for contractual issues but Lucho was able to go to Atlético.

They were very difficult days For everything I gave the club I spoke with Sofía (his wife) and Messi after the call telephone. It was a complicated year for everything. Leo asked to leave and they were going to fire me. Our two families had a very bad time, “confessed Luis Suárez.

Despite the way he was fired from FC Barcelona, Luis Suárez was able to live a good year, well it was Spanish LaLiga champion with Atlético de Madrid, recently scored a goal for Barcelona and has earned a place at his new club.


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