Luisa Fernanda W does not have stretch marks after giving birth to Máximo

Influence her Luisa Fernanda W recorded a video to show that it has no stretch marks, after 19 days of giving birth to Maximum.

The young woman showed her abdomen while wearing a black top and sports pants.

Although it is still inflamed, Luisa Fernanda W looked without stretch marks after the birth of her son.

Pipe Bueno’s partner made it clear that he is not exercising or dieting, but he is drinking plenty of water.

It also stated that Since Máximo was born, she has given her milk, something that, according to her, has helped her lose weight.


“I’m still a bit swollen (…) I have told you that for now I’m not exercising or any type of diet, what I’m doing is hydrating very well and breastfeeding my baby,” said the influencer.

Since the birth of Máximo, Luisa Fernanda W is envied by some women, as she did not get stretch marks after delivery and has managed to gradually return to her weight without effort.

The influencer has taught how her belly has deflated a few days after being born Maximum.

The son of Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno came into their lives to give love and unity to the couple. Their families do not ‘fit’ in happiness with the baby.


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