Lulu Hypermarket opens at Sharjah Central Mall | Lulu Hypermarket opens in Sharjah Central Mall

Sharjah: Luluwi’s new hypermarket has opened at the Central Mall in Samnan near the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. There are extensive offers to celebrate the inauguration. Chairman M.A. Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, inaugurated the event in the presence of Yusuf Ali. Lulu Group CEO Saifi Rupawala, Executive Director M.A. Ashraf Ali also participated.

Sharjah Central is a two-storey, five lakh sq ft shopping mall with all the amenities of a modern lifestyle. Only the 110,000-square-foot Lulu Hypermarket opened today. Other facilities, including a spacious food court, will open soon. The 35,000-square-foot entertainment system and 11 movie theaters will open soon. There is parking for 2200 cars.

Sharjah Central is a shopping mall located in the Samnan area, close to Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Airport, Cultural Square, Gubaiba, Wasit and Al Talla.

Sharjah Central Mall is an investment made by Lulu in the future growth of the UAE after surviving the epidemic. Yusufali said.

Yusufali praised the UAE authorities for ensuring food security without scarcity without raising prices during the epidemic. In 2021 alone, Lulu opened 20 new outlets.


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