News Lunches in Atlético against depression

Lunches in Atlético against depression


The Atlético game does not flow, the goals come with droppers and Simeone talks about the transition season. The team is immersed in the worst course of the cholismo: points, sensations, victories, goals … In all facets a global laziness is detected that has generated more murmurs in the Metropolitan than the leadership would like. The hot stretch of the exercise is approaching and not only because of the tie against Liverpool (Tuesday, first leg), but because the club has as a priority objective to enter one more year in the Champions League positions. And the CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, has sought inspiration in the break with the routine, table and tablecloth in remote places, farms outside Madrid capital, away from the city’s gastronomic circuit, the staff, the technical staff and the governing body united around a couple of lunches.

The initiative has little original, typical meetings of players around the plate when the results are poorly given. Other sports have advanced more in group management. Ferrari, for example, organized a concentration of pilots, equipment and press in a ski resort every January in search of fellowship and understanding of others, sliding all over the world through the mountains. The CSC cycling team, by Bjarne Riis, tested the runners’ group resistance, their physical and mental strength, with work practices in the steppe or snow, in the middle of nowhere, or fifteen degrees below zero, with the aim to strengthen ties. “It is a way of eliminating individualities and that the strong help the weakest,” explained the cycling director.

Gil Marín moves his players away from the echo of the city, now that the team is playing the 2021 budget and its competition in the Champions League. The special thing about the case is that Atlético’s lunches-coexistence have been celebrated with only six or seven days away. Before the game against Granada, the team showed an alarming baggage. Three defeats and one draw.

“Investing in your company to join the group is always a good initiative,” says Marta Portero, consultant for the Ars Outplacement consultancy. The happy employee performs better.
Many companies hold workshops to resolve group conflicts. They provide tools that help the organization ».

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The second gastronomic event was last Wednesday, a bus on the way to an estate in Robledo de Chavela. Valencia are coming today and Liverpool on Tuesday. «Winning generates enthusiasm, enthusiasm, elevates your pride to continue growing. These coexistence are useful for the group, to meet in a different place to our place of work ”, commented Simeone yesterday on the matter.

The professionals agree on this point of view. “Leaving your routine environment and knowing other aspects of the people around you creates complicity among the workers,” Marta Portero analyzes. A partner is not necessarily a friend, but out of the usual environment, bonds arise. These coexistence are effective ».

Atlético puts this tuning to the test in Valencia. Morata returns after a muscle injury and Llorente takes hold in the midfield. Valencia adds ten games in a row without beating Atlético. .


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