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LVMH will reduce its energy consumption by 10% by 2023

by archyde
A Tiffany&Co. ‘s in Paris, owned by the LVMH group. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP

The world leader in luxury will notably modify the temperature in all of its sites.

Lights out at 9 p.m. in the offices, at 10 p.m. in the shops. “Following the call of the President of the Republic”LVMH announces “an energy sobriety plan in order to contribute without delay to the national effort”. The world leader in luxury, which consumes as much energy in France as a city of 150,000 inhabitants, promises to reduce its energy consumption by 10% by October 2023.

To achieve this, the group relies on two flagship measures. It will, on the one hand, turn off the lighting of its 522 stores earlier (their windows sometimes remained lit all night) and 110 administrative centers in France. On the other hand, it will modify the temperature in all of its sites. In winter, the heating will drop by one degree compared to the current setting (21°C in the shops, 20°C in the offices); in summer, the air conditioning trigger temperature will be raised by one degree, to 24°C. “LVMH consumes little energy, but we are aware of the visibility and capacity to influence our decisions, explains Antoine Arnault, group administrator. The preservation of the environment is an imperative. We don’t have the luxury of waiting.”

LVMH will also increase its investments in management (sensors, meters, etc.), renewable energies and the deployment of white paint on the roofs of production sites, which lowers the temperature.

The government having decreed general mobilization, LVMH will finally launch an awareness campaign for its 34,000 employees in France to encourage them, in particular, to turn off their computers, unplug their telephone chargers or choose alternatives to the elevator and to the printer…

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