Maas criticizes “lateral thinking” speaker

AForeign Minister Heiko Mass has criticized a young woman who compared herself to Sophie Scholl on a “lateral thinking” demonstration. “Anyone who compares himself with Sophie Scholl (…) today is mocking the courage it took to take a stand against Nazis,” he tweeted on Sunday. “Nothing connects corona protests with resistance fighters.”

The speaker’s appearance at a demonstration against the corona measures on Saturday in Hanover triggered violent reactions on the network. A video that had been clicked over 1 million times on Twitter and commented on several thousand times by Sunday morning shows a young woman speaking to the audience on a small stage near the opera. “I feel like Sophie Scholl because I’ve been active in the resistance for months, giving speeches, going to demos, handing out flyers and also registering for meetings since yesterday,” she says.

After a few sentences a young man appears in front of the stage. “I don’t make a folder for that kind of nonsense,” he protests and hands the woman his orange camisole. It is about a “trivialization of the Holocaust”, which is “more than embarrassing”. The speaker replies: “I didn’t say anything.” Then she begins to cry and throws away her microphone. Policemen appear and escort the man away from the stage.

Many Twitter users marked the video with “Like”, and applause was heard occasionally during the woman’s appearance. But in the comment columns there is also outrage and rejection: the parallels with Sophie Scholl are irresponsible, the equation with the member of the student resistance group “White Rose” during the Nazi era is shameful. The young man, on the other hand, receives encouragement. One user wrote: “Respect for the ex-folder who recognized the mockery of the real Holocaust victims and opposed it.”


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