The advent of young leaders, great builders, is giving the African Union increased interest. Since 1964, African countries have sought hope of a union which would be the privileged tool to follow in the footsteps of the dragons of Asia.

The utopia of the OAU, carried by the first heads of state after independence, has failed on its promises and made Africans doubt their ability to organize continental unity as a guarantee of peace, stability and development. President Macky SALL was elected and re-elected on his confirmed reputation as a pan-Africanist leader, convinced that only the pooling of national energies can generate the integral boom of our continent.

After the colonial and postcolonial violence which spared neither human beings nor property, the young African generations of which we aspire to be the constituents, recognize themselves in the actions taken on a daily basis by President Macky SALL. In the same sustained orémus, we must raise our heads and salute the timely initiative of ECOWAS which sponsors the presidency of the African Union by the Head of State of Senegal. The issues that arise today are well framed. It is first of all a matter of understanding that in terms of social development, chauvinistic nationalism is dangerous. In the new world order that is being built, Senegal leaves with reliable assets.

The experience of our president, who offers a diplomatic course that is second to none, the credibility that his African and Western peers recognize in him, will earn Africa the cancellation of its debt, which irreparably hinders all its efforts for economic and social emergence.

Like a postal package, it drags our destiny towards uncertain tomorrows. Another major project that the magisterium of President Macky SALL will have to lead at the head of the AU is to fill the absence of a clear project of commercial integration proportional to the demands of our national companies.

Today that we begin to draw the major lessons of the viral aggression to which Africa is the object from the COVID 19, President Macky SALL, with the generous support of these colleagues, will unroll a plan of action for the development of a continental industry of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge.

Young entrepreneurs from Senegal and Africa have the imperative duty to include their prospects for promotion within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Zone (ZLECAF) which in itself is a social project. Through his determination to build an emerging society in Senegal, he is opening up new avenues for the entire African continent to regain more than it has lost through decades of foreign domination.

Today the security threat looms everywhere. The jihadism of Mali in Burkina Faso, the conflict between Algeria and Morocco for Western Sahara, the internal wars in Chad, Congo, Sudan and Eritrea, the murderous expulsions by Nigeria, Libya etc …

President SALL comes at a historic moment when the data has changed enough for the African Union, founded in 2002, to act in a meaningful way. As in his own country, his objectives consist in the promotion of peace and democracy, indispensable prerequisites for sustainable development, the defense of human rights, the increase in foreign investment and the promotion of ‘a central development bank.

Together, let us be upright and solid, lucid and conscious to accompany it in this new opportunity offered by necessity, so that Africa returns to its former radiance. The realization of this vast ambition is in the hands of every young person, of every woman, of every citizen for whom the Africa of tomorrow crystallizes enormous potentialities favorable to the continental project of President Macky SALL for young people: Succeed in Africa, continent full of promises.

This means that for the African nation, nothing is lost, provided that it regains confidence in itself and in its new leaders. If Africa has the courage to look itself in the face, it will be able to fulfill its historic duties by offering a way of salvation to an increasingly anxious humanity.

Also, the words of President Macky SALL during the last world sleep on the environment, resonate like an oracle: let us remember that humanity is a whole: no people, no continent will be able to get by alone. All will be saved, or all will perish. May Allah save all mankind through the active determination of its men and women.

Abdoulaye DIÈYE President Siggi Jotna Movement


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