Mad Catz Pilot 5 (PILOT 5) Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset Experience: Dana and DPG Defy My Mind

Using the Mad Catz Pilot 5 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset

The brand I will introduce this time is MadCatz, which is steadily gaining popularity from gamers. Mad Catz is a brand that is leading the innovation of gaming hardware by introducing gaming gear with solid basics and intense design, with performance and functions optimized for gaming. Recently, more diverse products such as the STRIKE 6 mini layout keyboard and SURF RGB gaming long pad are introduced, and the lineup and series of peripherals are expanding.

This time, we are going to take a look at the PILOT series along with the news of Mad Catz’s new gaming headset release. PILOT, an audio product line like the PRO+ and FREQ series, is a series of USB wired gaming headsets with a detachable microphone and in-line controller.

The new MadCatz PILOT 5 uses the appearance of the previous game as it is, creating a fairly calm atmosphere while being a gaming gear, adding virtual 7.1-channel surround sound and RGB LED support, following FREQ 4, to a series of wired gaming headsets using 50mm neodymium drivers. Completed.

If you look at Mad Catz products, you can see that they are thorough in packaging. Basically, through protective vinyl, package damage is prevented from scratches that may occur during transportation, and secondarily, it is possible to clearly check whether it has been opened or not with seals attached to the top and bottom respectively. The internal packaging is protected so that each component can be stably fixed using a cushioning material exclusive to the model. The components are simply composed of Mad Catz headset body, detachable microphone, manual and symbol sticker.

Overall, the product is made of black material, and the design is applied with an emphasis on the intense red color, which is the point color. A large 50mm driver unit, earpads, and black color are used to provide a visually heavy feeling, but the red earcup wire naturally guides the eye to the thin fork frame, avoiding monotony and being relatively light. I’m creating an atmosphere. The foldable design through multi-hinge is applied, so it is easy to store and carry.

The MadCatz logo is engraved on the headband, and the seam finish between the frame and the cushion is very delicate. Using an aluminum frame, based on solid durability, it shows excellent appearance even in twisting, providing an optimized fit for gamers with various heads.

The inner area where the head touches is made of memory foam. Finished with leather material with stitch details, it provides a light and comfortable fit even when used for a long time by effectively distributing the weight along with visual direction. In particular, the MadCatz PILOT 5 weighs approximately 369g, which reduces the pressure on the top of the head. The length adjustment part is a sliding type and can be freely adjusted by about 2.5cm. In addition, this product is applied with a multi-hinge, and since the tension of the hairband is distributed between the two hinges, it adheres well to the head while reducing pressure, providing a natural fit.

Similarly, the detachable over-ear type Mad-Pro ear pads are also softly adhered to the ears with leather and memory foam. The ear cup housing is designed to follow the shape of the ear to fit well on various head shapes, and the ear pads have high shielding and resilience to effectively reduce external noise and provide a comfortable fit, adding a sense of immersion to the game. . However, because it lacks breathability compared to mesh materials, periodic ventilation is required.

The product is an in-line type with a controller on the cable, and you can see that it is neatly manufactured without any buttons or control knobs on the headphone body. A detachable microphone insertion terminal and cable are configured on the left ear cup, and an air vent is formed on the upper part of each ear cup housing to eliminate echo inside the ear cup. The detachable microphone is molded to fit the earcup housing, making it stable.

The in-line controller has a volume control knob and a button that can turn LED ON/OFF, and a slide-type mute switch to quickly control the microphone. The 2M long wired cable is made of fabric material, so it is soft even if it touches the skin, and all around the controller and connection terminal are treated to prevent disconnection, so you can use it with relative freedom of movement.

MadCatz PILOT 5 is a wired gaming headset that is optimized for PC connection, such as a desktop or laptop, using a USB Type-A port. Although it is optimized for the Windows 7 operating system, it is recognized normally on Windows 10 and 11-based PCs, so you can use it right away without installing a separate driver or software.

When power is applied to the product, the RGB LED lights up in the symbol located on the side of the earcup, and the LED can be turned on or off through the on/off button configured on the controller. Although, like other peripherals, it is difficult to directly check the LED effect while using the product, but unlike mouse and keyboard products that allow relatively various settings such as lighting effects and speed, the Mad Catz headset does not support this, which is a bit disappointing.

I connected the gaming headset MadCatz PILOT 5 to the computer and played the game. It supports virtual 7.1 channel, so you can easily figure out the direction when playing games that support it, and it is possible to form a relatively decent sense of space with surround effects, enabling smooth sound play. In particular, the resolution is good, the dialogue and voice delivery are quite clear, and it provides quite satisfactory sound not only for voice conversations with team members using the voice chat program, but also for listening to music. It is a gaming headset, but overall well-balanced tuning is applied. I was able to confirm that it was. However, due to the nature of sealed products made of leather, when used for a long time, a certain amount of stuffiness may occur due to tension, so periodic ventilation is required.

In addition, it was confirmed that the detachable microphone provides a fairly clean quality of sound pickup performance. In particular, as the usage environment is diverse, the internal volume is set quite high, and ENC technology is applied, so communication is natural and clear without separate settings. However, when using it too close to the mouth, strong sound pressure may cause a popping sound, so it is recommended to use the sound receiver at a position lower than the lips. It would have been nice if at least a form tip was provided by default, but it’s a pity.

MadCatz PILOT 5 can use dedicated software when connected to a PC. You can manage and use EQ presets and surround virtual effects as profiles, so you can play games optimized for you with the built-in profiles and custom EQ without a separate sound card. However, when it comes to details such as UI interface design and headset function settings, it is less complete than a mouse or keyboard.

So, we took a look at the new Mad Catz headset, the MadCatz PILOT 5. With its light weight and multi-hinge design, it provides excellent fit and sound isolation, and is a gaming headset that is faithful to the basics with high-resolution sound and a clean quality microphone. Although it is disappointing in terms of the quality of the dedicated software and the overall completeness, we have completed a lightweight Mad Catz headset lineup that allows you to enjoy various contents regardless of game or music enjoyment, with excellent sound tuning and well-balanced sound. Therefore, if you are looking for a gaming headset with solid basics, with light weight and strong design unique to Mad Catz, we recommend this product.

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