Mad Max 5: Is the Furiosa prequel a good idea?

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A week ago George Miller, the director of the Mad Max saga confirmed the spin-off on Furiosa. Embodied in Mad Max: Fury Road by Charlize Theron, the project will focus this time on the youth of the character. Exit therefore the South African actress and place a younger actress. If it is rumored that Jodie Comer, the star of Killing Eve or Anya Taylor-Joy, that of New Mutants, are in negotiations to take over the role of the intrepid Furiosa, nothing has yet been confirmed for the studios. The screenplay, however, should be finished, this spin-off being a long-standing project for the director.

Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.

A whole new cast, so for a whole new project Mad Max. If the Warner would like Richard Madden (The Eternals) and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) are the faces of this project, the spin-off will allow us to plunge back into the Mad Max universe, after the success of the fourth installment in 2015 carried by Tom Hardy. Staging, intrigue, stunts … the film brought together amazing elements, making the feature film a unique work and modernizing a Mad Max originally embodied by Mel Gibson. Here, the Furiosa spin-off could follow the same line as Mad Max: Fury Road, while offering something specific to the story of her female character.

Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road.
Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road.

A powerful heroine who is not shy, Furiosa represents an exceptional central character for the project. While being part of the worthy line of sagas such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Fast and Furious or Ballerina, eager to give more space to female characters, Mad max 5 should give us an amazing story, George Miller working hard on the world that made him famous. In terms of intrigue, this would allow us to learn more about the young woman’s past, the challenges she had to face, but also how she found herself alongside the terrible of Immortan Joe and became The Furiosa Imperator that we discovered in Fury: Road.

Charlize Theron in Mad Max Fury Road.
Charlize Theron in Mad Max Fury Road.

For all these reasons, the Furiosa spin-off seems like a good idea. A major project that would highlight a female character, who would teach us more about it and who would expand the universe Mad Max, started in 1982. A single black point, however, darkens the picture: the wait should still be long for the project since the filming of the prequel should finally start only in 2021, after its postponement due to the epidemic of coronavirus. We must therefore take our trouble patiently before discovering the spin-off on Furiosa. In any case, count on Melty to keep you informed of its progress!



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