Sport Madrid wants to play what remains of the League,...

Madrid wants to play what remains of the League, even if it is behind closed doors


Better football seen from home than running out of football. The vast majority of Real Madrid players are willing to return to the competition even if it is behind closed doors, as long as there is football in Spain this season.

Most of the Madrid club professionals reflect that football would be a help and an entertainment for the 47 million Spaniards who are confined today and that, although in the future they will open their hands to go out little by little, it is very feasible unable to go to the fields, as large concentrations of people in a stadium will probably be banned until September

It is not the ideal scenario for the squad, it is obvious, it is not the most beautiful, they would like to play in a full Bernabéu, but perhaps it is the only one possible, at the expense of the pandemic that we endure in Spain.

Zidane’s pupils know that football without an audience is like a garden without grass. But they understand that it might be the only affordable option in the short term. Because imposing the requirement of playing with spectators could mean that we run out of more football this season. Is that the best? No. It is better to be able to see the ball roll, even if it is on television and from the sofa, than to see nothing. Because we also don’t know how long this harsh reality we live in will persist.

The professionals of the white team analyze that televised football would make time and life much more bearable for the millions and millions of Spaniards, and people around the world, who today live confined to their homes.

They do not know, we do not know, if we will remain confined when soccer can return, even if it is behind closed doors, but even if things are allowed by the authorities, even if they gradually open their hands to go out, it will be quite feasible that the large concentrations of people. And in that situation, soccer on television will be a good help for everyone. An entertainment and a gradual return to normality. And let’s not forget the sick and thousands and thousands of people who can never leave, neither now nor before, and that soccer is one of their passions, impossible today.

The position of the vast majority of Real Madrid footballers contrasts with the positions of some Premier clubs and professionals who do not understand football without an audience. The great English league is meeting today with the other divisions of British football to analyze this reality. Perhaps they end up accepting that it is better to play behind closed doors, but to offer football, than to give nothing. .


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