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Who is Madu Nicola? The salsero He has been talking about during the last Billboard Awards by presenting who would be his new partner: Madu Nicola. Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband appeared at the gala hugging the young woman, whom he kissed in front of the cameras, demonstrating to the press that he has who occupies his heart.

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The Puerto Rican-American singer he stole the show at said musical event, but not only because of his presence on stage, but because of the comments generated by the mysterious woman who accompanied him to the stadium Watsco Center from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

Marc Anthony stood out among the presentations by presenting his new song “Pa ‘there I go”. The He took the stage and sang for the first time his new song that aims to be a hit of the season.

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However, the questions and curiosities were taken away Honey Nicola, the companion of the salsero to the Billboard. The blonde attended with a black dress and, when posing before the photographers, she was always very close to the author of “Live my life”.

Marc Anthony remains current in the music scene. (Photo: AFP)


In this way, the followers of Marc Anthony have wondered about the biography of Madu Nicola. But the truth is that there is very little of what he knows about who would be the new couple from the salsero of “And there was someone”.

According to “El Periódico” from Spain, Nicola is a young woman 19-year-old Brazilian who reside in the United States. After those details, no more is known about the woman who is 34 years younger than the artist. Makeup artist Jamie Harper was the one who gave the name of Marc’s companion.

What’s more, Nicola has almost 20 thousand followers on his official account on Instagram, but his photographs and publications are kept in reserve, so it has not been possible to learn more about the profession, lifestyle and other details of Madu Nicola.

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Salsero Marc Anthony has had romantic relationships with Mariana Downing, Jessica Lynne Harris y Raffaela Modugno. In addition, the singer and Grammy winner has been married three times. His ex-wives are Jennifer Lopez, Dayanara Torres and Shannon De Lima.



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