world Maduro says Morales is returning to Bolivia

Maduro says Morales is returning to Bolivia





The ruler of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Wednesday that in Bolivia he is preparing the return of Evo Morales, who resigned from the presidency of his country last November under pressure from the Armed Forces amid the political upheaval generated by allegations of fraud in the elections.

«Not even with coup d'etats will they be able to overthrow Evo in Bolivia and what are they doing with power? Destroying Bolivia, but what they don't know is that the return, the return is being cooked in the town of Bolivia, ”Maduro said during a government act broadcast on radio and television. «Evo will return made pueblor, made millions, ”Maduro said.

The Chavista leader also attacked the high commission of human rights of the United Nations Organization, Michelle Bachelet, for, he said, not to pronounce on what he considers human rights violations in Bolivia after Morales's resignation.

The president again accused her of lying about the alleged violations of fundamental rights in Venezuela. «Where is Michelle Bachelet before the massacre and dictatorship that has been imposed in Bolivia? (…) the massacre of Bolivia, of Chile, of Ecuador, of Colombia is silent, ”he said.

He also stated that in Latin America «a new one has begun wave of liberation of the peoples»Against which not« may imperialism neither with coups, nor with persecution ».

"They can't because the people are on the street against neoliberalism," he said. After the resignation of Evo Morales, who is isolated in Mexico, the senator Jeanine Áñez He assumed the interim Presidency of Bolivia on November 12.

Morales's resignation has been described as a "coup d'etat" by several Latin American governments and politicians. Other countries have recognized the interim Executive of Áñez, while part of the international community has urged dialogue without ruling on the political crisis.

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