Maeva Ghennam victim of a ‘false robbery’, Angelina Tanti tested for Covid-19

Wednesday November 11, Maeva Ghennam had the fear of her life. The reality TV contestant suffered a violent assault just outside his home in Marseille. After two days of silence, Maeva Ghennam reappeared “traumatized” and told of her stabbing attack by two or three individuals. Since then, the busty brunette has taken refuge in a safe place. But since she has “almost died”, the star of Marseillais no longer sleeps despite medication prescribed for him. So, it’s decided! After having suffered several attempted burglaries at home and at her mother’s, Maeva Ghennam made the decision to leave France to move to Dubai much to the despair of her mom.

Very close and fusional, the separation between the two women will be complicated … But Maeva has no choice and prefers to live serenely and in safety. For that, she wants to leave as soon as possible! No time to look for a house from Marseille. So where will she live once she arrives in Dubai? Blasting News tells you everything.

“The haters, I want to throw up!”

As you know, the vast majority of reality TV contestants have moved to the UAE, as there are many who have been the victims of burglaries like Maeva. Good last, it is now up to Greg Yega’s ex to leave France. But upon learning that she had once again been the victim of a theft at home, Internet users insinuated that she had made up this whole story to justify her departure.

Furious, she speaks: “The haters, I want to throw up! I can’t see you anymore, but block me! I’m being assaulted in front of my house, the police want to broadcast my address, I’ve become paranoid and I’m having nightmares. And you say I orchestrated all this to go to Dubai? My house, I bought it on my own a year ago! I am paying for the works and I am leaving my family alone! My mother is in depression , she cries every day. But I don’t feel safe in my country.

Maeva Ghennam is moving soon to the Tanti’s

Firstly, Maeva Ghennam will move in with Manon and Julien Tanti who, let us remember, are raising two young children.

So if the young reality TV candidate thinks of living at her own pace with the Tanti, Manon and Julien announce the color.

“I’m glad she’s coming home until she finds her home. But I warned you honey, I’m going to buy you some boxes of earplugs becauseat 7 a.m. Angelina wakes up and Tiago goes to school. It’s java in the house! But, you’re gonna lift your little ass and come with me “, Manon warns.

“I learned that Maeva came to the house for a while, but she’s not ready! Because I have the life of a guy who at 32, not 22. Already, all that is alarm clock at noon, we delete! Every day at 7 am up! And if she’s sleeping, I’ll go wake her up. I’m going to make him live a life like no other. Then, we will have to put our hands to the paw. She’s going to have to cook once or twice a week. We will feast !”, announces Julien Tanti who is jubilant at the idea of ​​annoying Maeva throughout her stay with them.

Angélina Tanti positive for Covid? Manon confides

Since September 2, Julien and Manon Tanti are the happy parents of a second child: a little girl named Angélina.

But at barely two months, the infant has respiratory problems. Manon recently confided in the state of health of her daughter who slept very badly because of her breathing. Urgently brought to the pediatrician, Angelina has tested positive for a virus, but not for Covid-19.

“She coughs and has a lot of colds, it bothers her to sleep. It’s quite limited for treating a baby, other than putting sea serum in her nose to pass the phlegm. It is not recommended. to give syrups too early, we will have to wait … My daughter has tested positive for a fairly common respiratory virus, but it is not Corona. She is on a device, a mask that you put on her face to help her breathe, she explains.


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