Main round still in sight – World Cup proven Norwegians too strong for Switzerland – sport

  • In Giza, Switzerland can only keep up with the reigning vice world champion Norway at the beginning and lose 25:31.
  • Despite the defeat, Michael Suter’s team still has good prospects of advancing into the main round.

Even before the game, it was clear to the Swiss team that the chances of winning against the finalists of the last two world championships would be slim. The 25:31 was therefore a logical result, but one that will hardly break morale.

After a promising start and a 5-3 lead for the outsider, the Norwegians took over the scepter as expected. They scored 6 hits in a row. The 4-goal lead lasted until the break (17:13).

Portner defends himself – Norway plays class

Under the leadership of star player Sander Sagosen, who ended up with 11 goals, Norway improved again after the break. Despite a few saves by the substitute goalkeeper Nikola Portner, Switzerland continued to lose ground, but kept the damage within 6 goals behind.

The best throwers in the ranks of the Swiss were Alen Milosevic and Marvin Lier with 7 hits each. Andy Schmid held back for once, only graduated 4 times and met once.

Qualification for the main round still likely

Should Austria, who lost to France at 28:35 in the afternoon, lose to Norway on Monday, Switzerland would certainly be represented in the main round regardless of the result of their own game against France. In the event of a victory for Austria and a defeat for Switzerland, the goal difference between the 3 teams with the same points would decide who would be group 4. missed the main round.

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