Make the French number one, it sounds in the NHL. The Czech goalkeeper won with a record start

After returning from a “coronavirus” rest, he has not yet scored a goal. Pavel Francouz shines in the gates of hockey Colorado so much that some would like to see him as the club number one.

In the middle of the preparatory match in which he intervened, he remained unsurpassed, and the Frenchman did the same in Wednesday’s fierce battle against Dallas. 27 interventions caught a smooth 4-0 win, bringing Colorado closer to a better starting position in the next round of the Stanley Cup.

In addition, he became the first goalkeeper in the club’s 41-year history (including Quebec) to pick up a clean sheet during the playoff premiere. This topped the famous Patrick Roy, for example.

In the entire history of the NHL, only 15 men have seduced the same piece.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when Colorado coach Jared Bednar described the Czech goalkeeper after the match, he used the adjective “amazing”. However, he also spoke similarly about team number one Philippe Grubauer. “We have two extremely capable guys in front of whom we can play confidently,” he added.

Although the Frenchman had never caught the NHL in the elimination fights before, he felt no nervousness. “Really not, which scared me a little, because I’m usually nervous enough,” he said. “But even though I was a little scared, I’d say it didn’t affect my performance. I don’t know why, but I felt fine.”

Maybe it played a role that Colorado can’t drop out in the current round. He plays “only” about where he will go to the round of 16.

Other factors could be the spectators, or their absence, or the goalkeeper’s experience. At the age of 30, he already has them to give away.

In any case, the Frenchman followed up on the excellent season from the basic part, in which he pulled the percentage of successes to 92.3, the fifth best in the league. He even surpassed his teammate Grubauer, who last year gradually took over the work of Semyon Varlamov and promoted him to number one. He almost made it to the conference finals.

“I still consider him our number one, given what he has accomplished in our short history,” said German coach Bednar. “For me, you have to earn this position for everyday work. And he does. He hasn’t only held us a few times in those two years. The fact is, Frankie (French, editor’s note) he pushes him with his performances to catch even better. It works the other way around. “

Statistics of the two busiest Colorado goalkeepers in the basic part:

Keeper Matches Wins Goals / game Success Zeros
P. Francouz 34 21 2,41 92,3 % 1
P. Grubauer 36 18 2,63 91,6 % 2

However, if the Frenchman is second, then only narrowly. In Grubauer’s injuries, he showed that he could more than represent him well. He can also go into action when a German two years younger stumbles or during a busy schedule.

“If one of the boys is in trouble, we will deploy the other,” Bednar said.

“It’s not rocket science,” he added. “The point is, we trust both boys, and someone has to go to the gate. And if he does a good job, we’ll probably leave him there.”

According to some comments, however, the Czech goalkeeper should have priority. “Pavel Francouz or Philipp Grubauer? This is the most important question at Avalanche now,” wrote Mark Kiszla from a major newspaper. Denver Post. “I’m voting for Frankie because the physical strain and emotional stress of a long stay in the playoffs should handle him better.”

“But I’m not so sure that Bednar wants or needs my gaze,” Kiszla continued. According to him, the Colorado coach sees as the number one man a better paid German: “Grab a pencil and write down Grubauer as number one. In case of problems, however, Avalanche will feel free to turn to the French.”


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