“Make virtual meetings better than face-to-face meetings”

Düsseldorf The share price of the video conferencing platform Zoom has multiplied in the past few months. “All of the numbers here are growing exponentially,” says the company’s Chief Information Officer, Harry Moseley. Now he wants to “make virtual meetings better than face-to-face meetings”.

In the podcast Disrupt, Moseley is discussing with Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes whether there is more to it than marketing, how conferences and trade fairs will change and how companies can be run whose employees can hardly meet in person.

He also explains the strategy behind the company’s new app store and how Zoom differs from the video conferencing platforms of Microsoft or Google differs. The most important point from his point of view: Zoom concentrates exclusively on video communication and for that reason alone can better adapt to the needs of the users. Moseley also finds video conferences tiring at times, but believes that Zoom will find a technical solution for this.

Also in the podcast: A conversation with Handelsblatt Tech reporter Larissa Holzki about the digitization of industry and why the Munich start-up Celonis is such a good example of this.

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