Man Utd: Pogba responds to his supporters

the 15/01/2021 23h37

Author of very successful performances in recent weeks, midfielder Paul Pogba (27 years old, 22 games and 3 goals in all competitions this season) has regained his place as Manchester United holder. In form, the French international took the opportunity to settle accounts with his contractors, starting with British consultants who regularly criticize him for his hair eccentricities.

“I’ll always be myself. People have to understand that. I won’t change, it’s me. Whether you love me or not, it’s like that, it’s me, Paul. People will love me. , others not, slipped La Pioche the aerial of Sky Sports. I think of the people that I make happy, who I make smile. People who don’t like me, who criticize my way of playing, who criticize my hairstyle, which says I’m overcharged, doesn’t matter, that’s their opinion. Keep it, it makes me want to work even harder. So I thank them. “

We can count on the 2018 world champion to also respond on the pitch to the clash against Liverpool on Sunday (5.30 p.m.).

(By Romain Lantheaume)

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