Mane-Origi hit! Liverpool kick off pre-season with Wecker-Studgart

“Reds” start to return to the pre-season, not so beautiful after playing a 30-minute mini-game, 2 matches, can only draw with Wacker Innsbuk 1-1 before the latter set. Led by Mohamed Salah, the side will equalize “White Horses” Stuttgart 1-1, with Sadio Mane firing at the draw, which is Ibrahima Go’s first game. Nate’s new centre-back In a warm-up game on Tuesday night

Liverpool Continuous preparation for the new season By the night of Tuesday, July 20 past. The start of the pre-season warm-up game is the first game at the Camp Salzburg, Austria. It is a mini-game of 30 minutes each against FC Wacker, Innsbruck and Stuttgart.

The organization of Jürgen Klopp’s army today is divided into two sets. Without the players who have served for the national team at the Euros and Copa America in the past, including Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk, who are still in the fitness line not ready for today’s game.

Liverpool 1 – Wacker Innsbruck 1

For the first set against Wacker Innsbruck, the team from the 2nd Division Austria gave Trent Alexander-Arnold. Lead the army wearing the captain’s armband, while Ben Davis stands at centre-back with Joel Matip, while the offensive trio are Kaide Gordon, Divock Origi and Takumi Mina. Mino, on the Wacker side, has Ronivaldo, the Samba shooting star.

Opened for just 5 minutes, the “Reds” came out to the door quickly 1-0 from the moment that Owen Beck crossed the ball into the arm of Dario Grujic, the line of Wacker. The referee blew a handball to give Liverpool a penalty before Divock Origi was responsible for the kill.

Mane-Origi hit!  Liverpool kick off pre-season with Wecker-Studgart

Once in a while, Wacker will get up at the 14th minute and get a chance to fire in the middle of the back. Lucas Fridrikas dragged in to hit outside the box but still went into the hands of Loris Karius.

Yet, three minutes later, Wacker Innsbruck equalized 1-1 with a cross from the far post for the Brazilian striker Ronivaldo to head past Karius.

21 minutes, “Reds” came to win a free kick outside the box, less than 25 yards, but Trent Alexander-Arnold The team captain spun over the crossbar.

Minutes later, Wacker almost overtook him to take the lead behind Ronivaldo, thrusting through a beautiful hole for Lucas Fridrigas to slip into the save Loris Karius, who came out to close the corner block. can shoot

End of 30-minute mini-game: Liverpool drew 1-1 with Wacker Innsbruck.

List of 11 lineups

Liverpool : Loris Karius (goalkeeper) – Trent Alexander-Arnold (captain), Joel Matip, Ben Davis, Owen Beck-Lee. Houghton Clarkson, Tyler Morton, Jake Kane – Kaide Gordon, Divock Origi, Takumi Minamino

Wacker Innsbrook ; Lukas Wedel (goalkeeper) – Alexander Joppich, Florian Kopp, Dario Grujic, Mercas Doski, Fabio. Viteritti, Robert Martic, Okhan Eydin, Florian Yamnik, Lucas Fridrikas, Ronivaldo.

Liverpool 1 – Stuttgart 1

“Reds” organize a second set, which are mostly the main players, meeting “White Horses” Stuttgart, a famous team from the German Bundesliga.

Big boss “JK” arranged the front three coordinates like Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with James Milner, the captain of the central team. Together with Naby Keita, defensive line Ibrahima Konate, the new center who moved from RB Leipzig, made his debut for the “Reds” for the first time.

Mane-Origi hit!  Liverpool kick off pre-season with Wecker-Studgart

As for Stugart, who played in this game for the fourth time, placed three of the attacking lines, Daniel Didavi, Zaza Caladcic and Roberto Massimo.

Less than 3 minutes to start, Liverpool almost had a chance to win the lead before Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Drove the ball in before cutting in the frame for Mohamed Salah to beat to save Fabian Bredlow, the white horse’s defenseman.

In the 6th minute, it became Stuttgart, who took the lead 1-0 from a beautiful action after Philippe Forster pierced through for Zaza Caladzic to fall off the first post before hammering the heel. Let Forster, who was following him, smash past Adrian, there was nothing left.

In the 17th minute, Harvey Elliott thumped Mo Salah off the right before crossing the first post to try for Sadio Mane, but it was Fabian Bredlow who read it out. catch the ball in time

Mane-Origi hit!  Liverpool kick off pre-season with Wecker-Studgart

The Reds began to grind hard and in the 21st minute came to equalize 1-1, succeeded from the moment that James Milner scooped the far post for Costas Simikas to run for a single stroke into the 6-yard box, Bredlow out. Can’t cut it, go into Sadio Mane’s way, run and hit it straight, don’t miss it

After 30 minutes of the game, Liverpool could only draw a 1-1 draw at Stuttgart, with the “Reds” having their next warm-up match against Mainz from the German Bundesliga on Friday, July 23.

List of 11 lineups

Liverpool (4-3-3) : Adrian (goalkeeper) – Connor Bradley, Ibrahima Konate, Reese Williams, Costas Simikas – James Milner (captain), Naby Keita, Harvey Elliott – Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Stuttgart (3-4-3) : Fabian Bredlow ; Valdemar Anton (captain), Mark-Oliver Camp, Konstantinos Mavropanos – Atakan Karazor, Philippe Forster. , Philippe Clement, Borna Sosa – Daniel Didavi, Zaza Caladcic, Roberto Massimo

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