Mar Tarrés showed her cut on her tail after the La Academia gala: “This was done to me by Javi”

Mar Tarrés surprised his followers by sharing a cut that was made on his tail, after the reggaeton gala in The Academy 2021.

“This was done to me by Javi”, He said in the video that he uploaded to his networks.


Mar Tarrés he had to make a paf for asthma before dancing reggaeton in The Academy 2021.

“Here comes Mar Tarrés who was leaving, she is the first couple to dance. I want to see her dance reggaeton and I don’t know where she was going”, presented it Marcelo tinelli.

“I went looking for a paf, I didn’t know it was first and I haven’t done it yet”, clarified the participant.

“When I go in I go back there for a little while, the boys keep my paf. Sorry, I didn’t know I was going first, he caught me by surprise,” Mar added before starting to dance.

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