Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson don’t talk to each other as often as they used to

Over the past few days, Marc Bergevin has been on a media tour. The CEO of the Canadian spoke to Pierre LeBrun in particular, saying that his relationship with Geoff Molson was good.

In fact, he said he chatted with his boss “almost every day”.

For ordinary people, it did not ring a bell. After all, if they talk to each other often, that’s possibly a good sign, isn’t it? Or at least that’s not a bad sign.

But when you’ve worked for the Canadiens, you can have a different perspective. This is particularly the case of Stéphane Waite, who has long been the goalkeeper coach of the club.

He also read Bergevin’s comments and the tip on the frequency of discussions between the two men struck him. Why?

Because before, Bergevin and Molson did not speak to each other “almost every day” as the CEO said in an interview. They spoke to each other every day.

This ensures that Waite is able to denote a change in tone between the two men.

Obviously, we know that this can mean that there is a certain coldness between the two men, which would be attributable to the contractual situation of Marc Bergevin.

Recall that the latter has no contract for next year, is expected to leave and has no offer on the table to convince him to stay. Many believe that the only thing keeping Bergevin in office is the fact that his successor has not been found – or convinced – yet.

On this subject, note that Waite does not hold it against Bergevin, who fired him, and he affirms that no matter what awaits him, Bergevin will know how to fall back on his feet.

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