Marek Lambora: The first words about love for Bezděková

While in June, when it was first discovered that the two were dating, he let the model swim alone and did not express himself, now he stood as a man. “Because this is someone close and dear to me, I would like to express myself with this photo …” the serial Janek began his long status on Instagram.

Marek Lambora from Slunečná in a costume as in the Game of Thrones he laced shoelaces for 15 minutes

“Privacy is one of the most important things we all have, so I think it’s important to protect and guard it. And so it is with love. She should be pampered, reciprocated, received, but most importantly protected, “he explained why he kept such secrets with their relationship. The couple reportedly slowly considered publishing their relationship. But before she could do so, they lost their relationship on a loving Valentine’s walk through Prague.

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