Marine Le Pen claims “brutality” against Islamism

The president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, presents her bill to fight separatism, Friday, January 29, at the party's headquarters in Nanterre.

Marine Le Pen presented, Friday, January 29, a bill to fight against Islamism and respond to “A somewhat brutal truth” : “We are facing the first world war of the XXIe century, which has its origin with the Islamic revolution in Iran, and its official launch, a sort of terrorist Pearl Harbor, on September 11, 2001 ”. The text presented is also a bit brutal, and gives a clear idea of ​​what the party intends to promote if it comes to power.

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The proposal intends to ban “Islamist ideologies” since the government’s plan on separatism would have “Given birth to a legislative mouse”. “The Darmanin project, over the days, has spread Islamism at separatism, then to secularism, to end with vague ambitions to reinforce republican principles, said the President of the National Rally (RN) as the Executive Bill will be debated in the National Assembly Chamber from Monday 1is February. It is a laborious production, infinitely technocratic and insufficiently political. “


The RN bill, drafted for the most part by MEP and former magistrate Jean-Paul Garraud, first tries the difficult task of defining these Islamist ideologies. These would be ideologies incompatible with the rights recognized by the Constitution, “In particular the dignity of the human person or the freedom of conscience and expression”, or the refusal of “Respect the secularism of the State, democratic procedures, institutions” ; see “Threats to the unity of the nation”. This would concern ideologies having links with foreign powers, or which would support crimes committed in the name of one of these ideologies, or which would force people to adhere to or renounce a religion.

The following 38 articles outline the consequences. Ostentatious signs or outfits will be prohibited in public spaces, the veil prohibited in the streets. Any official may “Refuse an advantage” to a suspect of Islamism, whether it concerns housing or social benefits. Access to the civil service may be prohibited for suspected Islamists and they may be dismissed. A private employee who promotes Islamism “Openly or concealed” may be dismissed for serious misconduct. He will obviously not be able to be a candidate for an election, national or professional, or even a trade unionist.

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