Mark Jackson a coaching candidate at the Nets thanks to relationship with Kevin Durant?

After the separation from Kenny Atkinson in March, interim coach Jacque Vaughn currently leads the sporting skills of the Brooklyn Nets. However, who will act as head coach in the future is still open. A candidate could supposedly be Mark Jackson – thanks to his good relationship with Kevin Durant.

Like Brian Windhorst from ESPN speculated in his podcast “Hoop Collective”, the 55-year-old could actually be considered for the position as head coach of the Nets. Accordingly, Jackson and Nets superstar Kevin Durant have a good relationship.

“There is currently little discussion about the Nets coach,” admitted Windhorst, only to add: “But there are some interesting things if you follow the social networks closely. Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s business partner and very influential, has been tweeting about Mark Jackson lately. “

Although Kleiman did not directly request Jackson as the new head coach of the Nets on the platform, he did have a favor with a story from the New York Postthat Jackson and Jason Kidd associated with the Nets.

“It is known that Mark Jackson and Kevin Durant have a good relationship,” continued Windhorst. “These tweets and the Jackson / Durant connection have not gone unnoticed in the NBA. There are people who talk about Mark Jackson as a candidate for the Nets.”

It is also speculated that the superstars of the Nets, Durant and Kyrie Irving, could at least have a small influence on the decision of the front office who will stand on the sidelines in Brooklyn in the future. Similar speculation already existed with the signing of Michael Beasley, also a friend of KD. However, Beasley will not be able to appear in Disney World due to a positive corona test.

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