Markus Lanz: Streeck warns – Michel Friedmann saves the talk

Markus Lanz looked for the scandal a few times in the Corona Talk on Thursday. But this time the group was unusually calm.

  • “The virus is there and will stay with us for life,” said the Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck at “Markus Lanz” on Thursday evening
  • It was noticeable that none of the guests in the “highly competent group” wanted to respond to a recurring offensive question from the moderator
  • The man of the evening was Michel Friedmann

First there were the current Corona numbers, about their confusing arithmetic Markus Lanz wanted to have a little more clarity: “How many acute cases of infection do we have in Germany right now?” he asked the talk regular Hendrik Streeck. He didn’t have the numbers ready, probably because he advised against staring at them all the time.

“The virus is there and will stay with us for life,” the Bonn virologist at “Markus Lanz” instead contradicted all hopes that the pandemic would end soon. We should prepare for a “marathon” and find “pragmatic solutions” for each area.

Markus Lanz – These were the guests:

  • Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (SPD)
  • Prof. Hendrik Streeck, Virologe
  • Prof. Harald Welzer, social psychologist
  • Prof. Michel Friedman, publicist

At the moment the situation is not that dramatic: “Of 100 percent of all infected people, five percent have to be treated as inpatients”, he continued and remained relatively relaxed. “I don’t want to downplay the virus,” he added, “but we should clarify: where are we going, what is our compass.”

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“Lanz”: Michel Friedman saves the talk evening

You could already see the moderator’s thoughts rotating: Really, only five percent? And then 95 percent must forever …? “The tone is different,” said Markus Lanz, Angela Merkel spoke of 19,200 cases at Christmas, others warned of a second or even third wave if things continued like this …

Good thing Michel Friedman there was. “Five percent, add that up to ten million. Then you have half a million corona patients who have to be treated as inpatients ”. But not as few as expected.

Invited in a double pack Harald WelzerIn order to promote the joint, yet controversial interview book “Turn of Time – The Attack on Democracy and Human Dignity”, the publicist developed into an explainer, if not a savior, of the evening.

After all, Michel Friedman kept following his own compass with his objections – a profound humanity that the host’s inquiries lacked in many places.

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Lanz does not get through with the question of the legitimacy of the Corona rules

That was possibly the surprise of this “Lanz” talk: What promised maximum controversy through the selection of the guests alone resulted in a surprising consensus in the end – in which everyone just wanted to assure each other how close they were. When assessing the corona situation, of course. Not physically, because everyone stayed in the bright shell armchair at an exemplary distance of 1.5 meters.

“We have made ends meet so far,” everyone said. And: “In the end, it’s about personal responsibility, that works better than bans”. The moderator was almost satisfied. Although during the stimulating and enlightening discussion he had clearly been aiming at something completely different.

None of the participants in the “highly competent group” that Markus Lanz invited to his Hamburg studio this Thursday, however, wanted to answer his recurring offensive question about the “Proportionality” of government action start an engine. Or rather. its impertinently implied questioning: “Is the state even allowed to restrict us in this way?” became the main theme of the “Lanz” talk.

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Manuel Schwesig is back at Lanz after a seven-year talk break

To cut it short: Yes, he can. “When danger is imminent,” Michel Friedman explained again, briefly and succinctly, and then used a somewhat crooked analogy to illustrate the point: “If a World War II bomb has to be recovered, the state can cordon off an entire neighborhood”. Then, however, people would have to be evacuated from their homes and not – as with the feared Corona shutdown – stay at home.

“We want to keep the restrictions as short and low as possible,” assured them Manuela Schwesigwho was a guest at “Markus Lanz” for the first time in seven years. The goal, and so to speak the “compass of politics”, is a balanced balance: firstly, to protect people’s health, secondly, the economy and jobs, thirdly, social life, explained the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (SPD). “A Curfew is the toughest of all, I don’t want that, ”she affirmed, and most of the other prime ministers were also against it.

Using very specific examples from her federal state, she then explained why it was very right that the AHA rules and now the Corona traffic lights apply nationwide, but the decisions about restrictions on site would be regulated at the local level. “The most important thing is to track the virus and quarantine it”.

Lanz wants to lure guests from reserve – and fails

Maybe Markus Lanz just wanted to play the “advocatus diabolo” over and over again in order to lure his guests a little more from their reserves. With his excitement that “an entire industry is going down the drain because people no longer travel”, for example. Because if they came back, they would have to be quarantined despite a negative test. That smelled like scandal.

Here, too, Michel Friedman dampened the excitement with simple clarity: “I have to know whether I’m healthy,” he explained. And then we would have learned by now that it takes a few days longer for a test to give a reliable result. “During this time I have to hold back” so as not to endanger others.

Then again it was about masks and the sense or nonsense of wearing them outside, as it is now mandatory in Munich on Marienplatz. As if he wanted to confirm that he was not the only opponent of it and that all the others were not all “Covidiots”, Markus Lanz showed a single player with a brief survey of four participants in an anti-mask demo in Hanover 14 days ago.

Harald Welzer praises many Germans for their sense of responsibility

But then he only earned ridicule: It was the oldest hat in the world, commented Harald Welzer polemically, that what people said in front of the camera was shaped by social desirability. And then contradicted the reasons cited: “A mask is not a restriction that is so substantial that you suddenly have to go out on the street for it”.

He does not understand the “downplaying of the political coding of this form of demonstration at all”, the sociologist continued: “If I demonstrate together with Reich citizens, Nazis, AfD people, I cannot permanently withdraw to the point, it would just be me um ‘the mask’ ”.

Welzer found it much more interesting “that we have had a situation for many months where assuming responsibility works for an incredible number of people. And point two: that we might learn that a democracy only works if the citizens feel they are responsible for it. “

This is how the latest talks went on “Markus Lanz”:


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