Marriage with Lesti Kejora Postponed, Rizky Billar Loses?

Jakarta, Insertlive

Rizky Billiards and Ready Kejora canceled their marriage on Friday, July 23, 2021. They postponed the wedding because they obeyed the Emergency PPKM so they didn’t want to hold a crowd.

“With conditions like this, we don’t want to force the marriage to continue. So like it or not, like it or not, we will withdraw. When the situation is conducive and normal, there will be no PPKM anymore,” said Rizky Billar when met in the Jakarta area. , Saturday (24/7).

Rizky Billar admitted that he had talked a lot with Lesti Kejora one day before the wedding was postponed. In that conversation, Lesti Kejora expressed her sadness.

“Dede expressed his sadness that at that time it should be time for the contract, but God has not allowed it. But we always believe there is wisdom in every incident. God willing, God’s plan will be better,” explained Rizky Billar.

Then when asked whether he suffered a loss because the marriage was postponed, Rizky Billar answered. He admitted that he did not lose at all because the parties involved had understood each other.

“No, because the vendor and the building understand the situation. Actually, they have warned that something like this will happen. So they asked us for advice. We said yes (postponed), we agreed on that,” explained Rizky Billar.

After being officially postponed, Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora have not rescheduled their wedding date.

Rizky Billar explained that he would patiently wait for Indonesia’s conditions to return to normal until the Emergency PPKM is completed.

“Because of this, we want to hold the contract, we want it to be something, where there will be friends who attend. Meanwhile, currently only 6 people are married (who can attend). We don’t seem to get it if we have to force it,” closed Rizky billars.


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