Married urges Europe to tear down the walls of nationalism and populism

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The auditorium he addressed yesterday Pablo Casado It was different from the last months. Opposite he had the main leaders of the European People's Party, with whom he had dinner the night before in Zagreb. He shared a table and tablecloth with Merkel, Barnier, the Polish Tusk, the Irish Varadkar and the greek Mitsotakis, among others, and held brief meetings with each one. The leader of the PP arouses expectation among his colleagues, who look with interest and curiosity to the young Spanish politician who replaced the veteran president Mariano Rajoy, and who manages to capture everyone's attention when he goes up to the rostrum with a blunt speech, without complexes before the left and without papers.

In the Zagreb Arena, Casado provoked the applause of his partners when he urged to tear down the walls of nationalism, "pure poison" for Europe, populism, identitarianism and protectionism.

At the end of the Congress of the European People's Party, where Tusk was elected president and Spanish Antonio López-Isturiz general secretary, Married moved to Leipzig to attend as a Merkel guest at the CDU congress, in a charter chartered by the German party from Zagreb for PPE leaders. Before, in the plenary of the congress, in a speech in Spanish, it was resounding to warn that nationalism, «Pure poison in the history of man and Europe», must be defeated "without hesitation" from the rule of law.

In that sense, he thanked the EPP for its firmness "unequivocal against xenophobic independence that in Catalonia a totalitarian minority intends to impose." Casado stressed that any problem in a member state or European region is that of the entire Union. The delegates of the PPE congress responded with applause. Along the same lines, López-Isturiz later stressed in his speech that "the unity of Spain is the unity of Europe."

«Dress up as populists»

The second wall that Casado asked to tear down is that of populism, which «campa on the right and left side». In his view, he jeopardizes the fundamentals of the European Union, but the recipe to combat it, he warned, it cannot be "disguise as populists." Casado is more in favor of confronting them from the principles and values ​​of the European People's Party, which are "those who built Europe."

The PP, he said, "is the best vaccine against populisms that are ravaging the economy, the welfare state and concord." Married referred to immigration as a policy that is a breeding ground for populisms. In that regard, he argued that in addition to protecting borders, Europe must launch an Africa Plan to help the development of countries of origin.

The third wall to be torn down, according to Casado, is that of identitarism. He referred to two identities: the "green religion", which affects everything related to climate change, and that which has to do with gender ideology. These are "identities" or truths that from the left are tried to impose as absolute. The leader of the PP rejected the environmental lessons of the leftist parties, and those related to the defense of women's rights, because the popular have always been, he said, at the forefront in the defense of equal opportunities. He gave as an example the cases of Merkel, Loyola de Palacio and Ursula Von der Leyen.

Protectionism would be the fourth wall. Casado criticized the tariff and protectionist debate and that the free market is questioned. "Far from trying to defend ourselves by putting more barriers, we have to convince the other powers that free trade is the only way to guarantee economic prosperity and the welfare state."

Concern for the Sánchez-Iglesias pact

In the European People's Party, the political blockade in Spain is followed with concern, but its members try not to interfere too much in the strategy of each national formation. However, PPE sources commented that the possible pact of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias awakens authentic "horror", especially for the effects that it may have before a possible economic crisis and by fiscal policy, just when Brussels is giving attention to Spain for its breaches.

These sources highlight that a possible great coalition between the PSOE and the PP would be well seen, if it were carried out, but in any case the position of the popular Spanish people is respected. From the Casado environment it was noted that European leaders supported him and congratulated him after the election results, after increasing the number of deputies in six months. In his opinion, this reinforcement has also influenced the re-election of López-Isturiz as general secretary.


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