Martín Farfán, a member of El wasap de JB, sells nougat amid the pandemic video

Martin FarfánA longtime comedian and one of the most beloved in Peru, he demonstrated his perseverance and desire to get ahead by launching himself again with the sale of nougat.

Although he has a job on the comedy show El wasap de JB, he comedy actor seeks more income in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic.

During a report with Al sixth day, Martin Farfán He showed what his work is like in the business he has on Tacna Avenue, in downtown Lima. Either as himself or in disguise, the comedian offers and even delivers his nougat called la Aunt Bombelé, a character that has characterized for 10 years.

In the middle of the interview, the comedian thanked God and the Lord of Milagros for having work and health. In addition, he asked for the people who are suffering in this crisis.

“For all the sick, for all the people who have lost their families, those who are hospitalized,” said Martín Farfán in front of the Las Nazarenas church.

The artist, along with the cast of El wasap de JB, was also featured in the program Because today is Saturday with Andrés where the driver highlighted the work of the comedian.

“I have to stop. Martin, I did it last week, but it would be unfair if I didn’t. This is not an advertisement, last year I saw Gisela Valcárcel with Tía Bombelé nougats, I didn’t know that you (Martín Farfán) made them. Gisela told me that they were the best nougat in the country, I ate it and it was true. I congratulate you, I am proud of you ”, Andrés Hurtado told Martin Farfán.

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Who is Martín Farfán?

Martin Farfán He is one of the most experienced comic actors in our country. With his peculiar charisma, he conquered Peruvian viewers every time he appeared in front of comedy shows.

Currently working in El wasap de JB next to Jorge Benavides, playing various characters.

Cast of JB’s El wasap presents funny parody of The Thundercats

The last Saturday October 17, El wasap de JB presented his classic casting sketch with ‘Aunt Gloria’ accompanied by the characters of Los Thundercats.

In this scene, the cast of the comedy show Latina he made fun performances to entertain viewers as much as possible.

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