Martin Sheen turns 80 – and is still rebelling

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Martin Sheen turns 80 – and is still happy to be arrested

Martin Sheen has been an activist against human rights violations, wars, rearmament and environmental degradation since the 1980s.

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At 80, Martin Sheen looks back on dozens of leading roles and just as many arrests: The US actor is an avowed activist and is far from being calm.

Martin Sheen thinks little of a quiet retirement. The number of his arrests continues to rise, and he continues his appearances in front of the camera. The graying Hollywood star, who is celebrating his 80th birthday this Monday, continues as a political activist and actor with tireless energy. It was only in January that Sheen was arrested with his colleague Sam Waterston during a demonstration for climate protection in the US capital Washington. They had accepted Jane Fonda’s invitation to participate in one of their “Fire Drill” protests.

Martin Sheen has been arrested almost 70 times

Sheen has been an activist since the 1980s, protesting human rights violations, wars, rearmament and environmental degradation. He was arrested almost 70 times for civil disobedience. He has even more in common with Oscar winner and climate protection activist Fonda. In the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie”, which has been running since 2015, he plays the aging lawyer Robert, who has long had a love affair with his colleague Sol (Sam Waterston), of whom the wives Grace (Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) initially Knowing nothing. Divorce and turbulent complications ensue.

As guest presenters of the “Ellen DeGeneres” show flattest Fonda and Tomlin with their ex-screen mates in January on US television. How did he make a living before he became a “great” actor, Fonda asked her colleague Sheen. Sheen replied that he had done dozens of jobs without any talent – as a seller of Christmas trees, a caddy on the golf course, an assistant waiter, an elevator operator and a newspaper boy.

He stole his name from an archbishop

In fact, Sheen initially had to make do with little money. Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, as his real name is, was one of ten children of a Spanish immigrant. His mother died young, the father was against the son’s acting plans. But he made it from the provincial town of Dayton in the US state of Ohio to New York for training. There he first gave himself a new name. He named himself after Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, whose “Catholic hour” the young Catholic actor had followed on radio and television.

In New York, Sheen met the legendary Dorothy Day, a radical journalist, feminist, pacifist, and Catholic who made the young man an activist at an early age. With theatrical appearances and films like the war satire “Catch-22” and the trill “Pursuit”, Sheen slowly became known. “Apocalypse Now” made him a star overnight. The shooting was a nightmare, the result a masterpiece. In Francis Ford Coppola’s anti-war film in the jungle of Vietnam, he embodied the US captain Benjamin Willard, who is supposed to take out the renegade Colonel Kurtz Marlon Brando). The horror painting won the Golden Palm in Cannes, received two Oscars and was nominated for six more Oscars.

Four children – and all followed into show business

TV viewers know Sheen primarily as Jed Bartlet. In several seasons he played in “The West Wing” from 1999 the fictional President of the United States. Bartlet is liberal, diplomatic and sophisticated – qualities that activist Sheen denied to the real president elected in 2000. At that time the actor sharply criticized George W. Bush and his politics.

Watch the video: What is “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen actually doing today? He was one of the “bad boys” in the film business: actor and singer Charlie Sheen. In the early 2000s, Sheen became world famous as Charlie Harper in the sitcom “Two and a half men”. For a total of eight years, he embodies the role of the man from Malibu. In his star role, he earned $ 1.25 million a episode, making him the highest paid actor in the world. Sheen was already a popular actor in the 1990s (“Platoon”, “Wall Street”) and even received a star on the Walk of Fame. In parallel to his success in the sitcom, his Hollywood career stumbles. Too often his excessive private life stands in his way. Drug scandals and alcohol excesses shape the life of the New York native. He keeps interrupting his career with stays in withdrawal clinics. In 2011, “Two and a Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre pulled the ripcord and fired Sheen after he was repeatedly struck by drug abuse. After the mega-success in “Two and a half Men” it becomes calmer around him. A short time later he played the main role in the sitcom “Anger Management”, but he could not build on his previous success. In 2015, he publicly professed to be infected with the HI virus. Apparently a wake-up call for the father of five, because from now on Sheen is completely changing his lifestyle. Today he is dry and has sworn off drugs. He can also see his children from different marriages again. Charlie Sheen has even been a grandfather since 2013. He rarely appears as an actor. He found his new calling as an ambassador and speaker in AIDS prevention. It seems as if the former bon vivant has finally come to rest.


Sheen has been married to actress Janet Templeton for almost 60 years, her three sons Emilio, Ramon and Carlos and daughter Renée followed the parents into show business. Only Carlos with the stage name Charlie Sheen achieved his father’s fame. He made his breakthrough with the Vietnam film “Platoon”. Together, the two stepped on the wall for director Oliver Stone on “Wall Street” a year later – as a father and son.


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  1. I’m sorry, you neglected to mention the works of actor director Emilio Estevez. Most notable as the athlete in 80’s movie The Breakfast club. Also Repo Man, Mighty Ducks. He directed his Father in the film The Way.
    His daughter Renee had an on going role in the West Wing as well.


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