Martin Sonneborn speaks of a failed joke after a scandal

Satirist and EU politician Martin Sonneborn reacted insightfully to cabaret artist Nico Semsrott’s resignation from the joint party »Die Party«. Shortly before, Semsrott had criticized Sonneborn’s “ignorant handling of feedback” and thus his Goodbye to the party.

The criticism is triggered by a failed joke by Sonneborn. The party leader had distributed a photo of himself after the storm on the US Capitol. On this he wore a T-shirt that read: »AU WIEDELSEHERN, AMLERIKA! but you runtel Good FrLug! Printed in China for Die PALTEI «- a failed swipe at the US President Donald Trump.

At Facebook Sonneborn now wrote: “I’m sorry that people have been hurt by reproducing these stereotypes.”

The aim of his action was »the increasingly irrelevant arrogance of world politics USA to caricature, ”wrote Sonneborn. This includes the economic confrontation with China. “And above all: the repeated sinophobic attacks and polemics of their president”.

He used linguistic stereotypes “and adopted a cheap cliché,” wrote Sonneborn. However, he underestimated the effect. “I was so convinced that the thrust of the imprint was clear that I wasn’t aware that someone could feel racially discriminated against by it,” says Sonneborn: But if a joke leads to racial injury instead of stimulating reflection, or at least one to have a liberating laugh, then it’s a failed joke. “

Party colleague Semsrott had criticized Sonneborn’s reaction to the criticism of the T-shirt. “If people feel racially attacked by his postings, he doesn’t have to do much. Compassion and respect for those affected are enough to correct your own behavior, ”said Semsrott. Sonneborn had initially criticized critics for not understanding his art. However, he deleted the post. In 2011, Sonneborn attracted negative international attention when he named the then US President on an election poster Barack Obama imitated by blackfacing.

“The Party” was founded in 2004 by employees of the satirical magazine “Titanic”; Sonneborn was editor-in-chief at the time. She secured herself 2.4 percent of the vote in the 2019 European elections Germany two seats in the EU Parliament. Sonneborn has been in the European Parliament.

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