Masterchef celebrity: La Terremoto collides with Celia Villalobos again in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’

The return of Lucía Dominguín was seen and not seen, and after his expulsion the applicants are increasingly suspicious, aware that there are fewer left and only one will win the final victory. And despite the reigning good vibes, already they are uncovering piques that can grow until they become fights of aúpa. Celia Villalobos and La Terremoto pretend to get along, although each time they coincide they collide. The first test, with Boris Izaguirre as the luxury guest, began with bingo. Through the game, the contestants knew the ingredients they were going to work with. And the note of humor was put back by Flo, who shows every week his comedic talent, which he clothes with the camaraderie and generosity that he dedicates to his companions. Once again turned into ‘Flosie’, the comedian asked Pepe Rodríguez in marriage, and he even brought him an alliance! “I’m not saying no, but we are going to go little by little,” replied the one from El Bohío with a joke.

The first challenge passed quite calmly, but Villalobos and the one from Alcorcón already showed their claws. Especially the second. “We did not find the point between us,” said the singer, who did not seem to be amused that her rival was chosen as the best of the group and won, with it, the golden apron of immunity. When it was time to go out, the Ramblas of Barcelona were chosen as the setting. The chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch, from the restaurant Enjoy, prepared a five forks menu and Luna and Alberto, contestants from ‘Masterchef 8’ joined the party. The first helped the reds, where Nicolás Coronado, La Terre, Josie and Gonzalo Miró were active, while the boy collaborated with Villalobos, Flo, Raquel Meroño and Ainhoa ​​Arteta, who were wearing blue. The PP, as the winner of the first challenge, formed the teams and La Terre protested because he did not include her in his. “He had told me he was going to choose me,” she said angrily.

The applicants prepared their recipes in the shadow of the Boquería Market, which celebrates its 180th birthday. “Like Celia,” La Terre launched wryly. Politics avoided the dart. “I adore her, but we both have a lot of character,” he argued before the comment. The artist from Alcorcón also starred in another of the fights of the kitchen when she joined Josie and delayed the rest of the team with her jokes. Pepe had to start cleaning anchovies with them and, in the end, he scolded them. «I don’t know if I should call you the ladies at the stretcher table because you haven’t crocheted. What a nose you have given him! “, the judge censured. For this reason, the reds lost the stake and the blues won the battle to the delight of Flo, who has already surpassed his eternal rival Santiago Segura in programs.

“We thought you had a rapprochement,” commented the jury already on set, referring to Villalobos and La Terre. “And I, but you can see that it was a lie,” said the comedian. “He is looking for a mess with me and I’m not going to give it to him,” replied the PP, avoiding the confrontation. “Lying hurts and I don’t like so many little things,” La Terre reflected, no longer joking. The final duel was the sweetest. The black aprons had to make different chocolates and truffles, where they will have to take special care of their interior and external coverage. Gonzalo Miró was the one who did the worst. “They are rich in flavor, but your technique has failed you,” said Pepe before saying goodbye to the gathering.


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