Mateo Carvajal “tricks” Salvador with acidic food and criticizes him

Mateo Carvajal “tricks” Salvador with acidic food and criticizes him

The athlete published a funny video of the two-year-old boy experimenting with new flavors and the criticism was immediate from his followers.

Mateo and Salvador

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Mateo and Salvador

Mateo and Salvador (Instagram: Mateo Carvajal /)

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Mateo Carvajal published through his Instagram account a series of stories in which he appears sharing in a restaurant with his son SalvadorWhat caught the attention of the situation is that the athlete offers the child a slice of lemon, tricking him with a supposed chocolate.

“Eat this chocolate Bite it! look how rich he is ”. Seeing that his son expresses a taste for acidic taste, the businessman congratulates him and shows him that he also enjoys this particular flavor.

As usual, the criticisms were immediate and when seeing that the businessman was cheating on his son, in an innocent way, a user stressed that Melina Ramirez had been wrong choosing him as the father of Salvador. “Melina made the wrong choice by choosing the father of her child, we do not tell our children lies, not even as a joke, if you give him a chocolate, it is a chocolate and if you give him a piece of lemon, it is a lemon.”

The athlete did not remain silent and responded bluntly: “oh no, my God why, get them a husband.”

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On these days, Mateo He was also the target of criticism by publishing a story in which he appears sharing a toothbrush with his son. Many reapers claimed that it was antigenic.

The athlete spoke about it: “Don’t worry, the two toothbrushes are new, and he wanted to pass me his new one and I never put it in my mouth completely, so don’t worry,” he concluded.

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