Matthew McConaughey’s shocking revelation on how his father died

Matthew McConaughey made a very intimate confession: his father died in the middle of a sexual act with his mother

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is in full promotion of his autobiography, “Greenlights,” which goes on sale October 20. In the post, the “Dazed and Confused” actor opens up about his family history, revealing in an excerpt that his loving father, James Donald McConaughey, died just as he knew he would; in the middle of a sexual act with his wife, Kay.

“I got a call from my mom. Your dad died. My knees buckled. I couldn’t believe it. He was my dad. Nobody and nothing could kill him. Except mom. He always told my brothers and me: Guys, when I go, I’ll be making love to your mother. ” And that’s what happened. He had a heart attack when he climaxed “, the interpreter related to People.

Matthew’s father was James Donald McConaughey, a football player. He died in 1992. He and the actor’s mother had a relationship stormy with many twists and turns, according to the actor’s own statements. They were married three times. Matthew was conceived shortly after his third wedding.

They were, at times, violent“Acknowledged the actor about the bond of his parents. “Like I say in the book, that’s how they communicated. They were divorced twice, they were married three times, I mean, yeah, it was like the Pacific Ocean in a storm.”

Earlier this year, the “White Boy Rick” actor tried to connect to his widowed mother, 88, with Hugh Grant’s widowed father, James Grant, 91.

Co-stars of “The Gentleman,” the two actors considered the idea of ​​connecting their parents. In dialogue with the press, McConaughey revealed that his parents officially agreed to go on a date. “His father is 91 years old, my mother is 88,” McConaughey told Entertainment Tonight. “Yeah, why not? Next week, they’re supposed to meet, and we probably won’t see them for the rest of the night.” It is unknown if this meeting was finally made.

His love story with Camila Alves

Camila Alves y Matthew McConaughey

Camila Alves y Matthew McConaughey

“The first time I saw her, her safety impacted me, I could immediately see that she was a person who knew exactly who she was and what she wanted from life,” said McConaughey, 50, a few years ago in an interview in reference to her current woman, the Brazilian Camila Alves, 38, with whom, he assured, is very happy and has a full life. They are the parents of three children and have an enviable relationship in Hollywood.

In the latest issue of the magazine People, of which it is cover, the actor spoke about the secret of their successful marriage. According to his words, before meeting Alves, he was not sure if he would ever find the right person. “That’s when she appeared, and she moved from right to left in front of my eyes at that club. It was like he was floating. “

This happened in 2006, and the truth is that since then they have never been separated again: “Since that night I have not wanted to spend time with any other woman, I have definitely not wanted to sleep with anyone else. I have not wanted to have children with anyone but her (…) We have a love that we never question.

In 2012 they said “yes, I do” and have formed a happy family with their children Levi (12), Vida, (10) and Livingston (8). “All three are very, very loving and kind people,” he said. And it is that, when it comes to their education, both are in tune and try to raise them by making them understand that the fame of their parents is not what defines them.

Before meeting the one who would become the woman of his life, the list of celebrities who succumbed to McConaughey’s charms is well nurtured. Sandra Bullock, Renée Zellweger, Patricia Arquette or the Spanish Penelope Cruz are just some of them. A few years ago the journalist Neil Daniels published a biography about the actor in which he promised to reveal many of the details of the love life of the Hollywood star. I affirm that The actor left Pedro Almodóvar’s muse for Camila after a trip to Mexico. Rumors that were never confirmed.


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