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Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will start in January with a new program. He tells this on Thursday during his reception speech for the Honorary Silver Nipkow disk. He did not disclose exactly what he is working on.

During his speech, Van Nieuwkerk thanked Igor Misev, with whom he was fifteen years old WELL made. “He’s going to do Saturday with me now,” said the presenter. “We are heading for a new adventure in January.”

“It is an oeuvre prize,” said Van Nieuwkerk about the Nipkow disk. “But I’m not done yet. I’m going to do my best again.”

The presenter further said that he had a hard time after WELL stopped in the midst of the corona crisis. “I live remotely. That was not easy, I could not meet anyone. I had quite a hard time, it sounds very stupid. Especially relatively stupid in the time in which we now live.”

Van Nieuwkerk heard through his father that he would receive the oeuvre prize this year. “I got congratulations one after the other. I don’t know the organization, but no one has called me in advance that I had won. Not bad at all. I was happy, proud. I am now in a row where I I’m incredibly proud of. “

The presenter already told in February that he would like to make a program on Saturday evening. “I have no concrete plans now, but that remains a silent wish,” he said at the time. “Living in Antwerp South for a while, somewhere around the Center for Fine Arts. I am hopeful that it will one day be.”



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