Mature: we must improve the quantity and quality of the Clap

The Minister of Food, M / G Leal Tellería presented to the President the regionalization plan and the strengthening of the CLAP combos recipe, taking advantage of the productive capacity of each region and the consumption patterns of the population in each state, including products own that could increase up to 30% the nutritional caloric value.

“Each state has autochthonous items, items that adjust to their local consumption patterns, meaning that each state could have a different recipe, appropriate to its local production, based on the national flag project, maintaining the same nutritional levels. The objective is to incorporate and improve the nutritional content of the Clap base recipe ”, said the minister.

He explained that through the realization of pilot tests carried out, it was found that incorporating these indigenous products from the localities, the nutritional content increases by at least 30% of the clip combos

“It is with the internal productive forces that we will be able to overcome the blockade, definitively,” said the Minister of Food.

“The regionalization and strengthening of CLAP combos is the way, we must improve the quality, content and quantity of the products of the combos,” said President Nicolás Maduro when approving the project presented by Minister Leal Tellería during the day of productive Wednesday, where the president decreed March 12 as National Food Day.

He asked the Minister of Agriculture, Castro Soteldo, the need to produce for the CLAP. “You have to complement everything, put it through the Clap tube, that is a safe harbor, it is guaranteed that way that reaches the town.”

He recalled that a year ago they blocked the CLAP, but now 7 million combos are delivered to all Venezuelan families

“The opposition cannot understand the miracle of the Bolivarian victory in the face of so many attacks, we have a Venezuela that fights and resists. We are committed to our people, there will be no right-wing government, there will be no imperialism to stop us, for our homeland we give our lives, “said Maduro.

Our organized people have been able to overcome these attacks

He insisted on the Ministers of Food M / G Leal Tellería and the Minister of Agriculture, Castro Soteldo, that they have the full support of the national government to expand and consolidate production processes and guarantee supplies to the Venezuelan people who are in resistance. “I am a President who opens paths and alternatives to protect the people,” he concluded.

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