May 11 deconfinement: what will be authorized and prohibited

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe detailed the measures for the first phase of deconfinement on Tuesday, which will begin on May 11. Three weeks later, in early June, a first assessment will be made and will allow us to know to what extent the deconfinement can continue.

All French people who can are invited to resume their professional activity from May 11. But, said the Prime Minister, telework must remain the priority for all trades that allow it. For the rest, the deconfinement will be gradual and the rules of social distancing must be observed as scrupulously as possible in order to avoid a new wave of contamination with the coronavirus.

Drop the kids off at school or nursery
Nursery and primary schools will reopen on May 11. Children can be welcomed, on a voluntary basis, in groups of 10 maximum. It is up to the town halls to organize themselves to ensure this reception in the best conditions and parents should be informed of the arrangements made the week of May 4.
The colleges will be able to reopen as of May 18, but only initially for students in grades 6 and 5 and only in departments where the circulation of the virus is low.
The crèches will also reopen on May 11, but the reception will have to be limited to 10 children per space. Early childhood professionals should wear a mask.

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Travel within a 100 km radius around your home without certification
A breeze of freedom is blowing over the country: from May 11, the French will be able to travel up to 100 km around their homes without certification. If they exceed this distance, they must justify a compelling family or professional reason.
The beaches will remain closed until the beginning of June and the French are called to stay in their department, including for the Ascension Bridge. They are invited to wait until early June before considering planning their summer vacation.

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Take public transport under conditions
From May 11, it will be possible to travel by public transport (metro, tram, bus and trains) provided you wear a mask. However, the capacity of public transport will be greatly reduced at least until the end of May since one seat out of two will be condemned. A platform marking should limit the influx of travelers in metros in particular. Objective: to respect as much as possible the social distancing necessary to avoid a second wave of contamination.

Playing sports… but alone
Extracurricular, associative and club activities will not resume immediately. Sports will only be possible if it is individual and outdoors. On the other hand, it will be possible to overcome the current kilometer barrier around the home as long as the rules of social distancing are respected. Cyclists and hikers will be able to enjoy their favorite activity again. Provided you do it alone or with family.
All sports competitions of the amateur and professional championships are suspended at least until the end of July.

To frequent certain places of culture
As of May 11, media libraries, libraries and small museums will reopen. However, cinemas, concert halls, theaters and major museums will remain closed. No major fair or festival can be held before September.

Stroll through the parks and gardens in certain departments
Parks and gardens may reopen from May 11, but only in departments where the circulation of the virus is low.

Go to the market
Most markets, with some exceptions, are closed today. They will be able to reopen as of May 11, unless the mayors and prefects feel that they are unable to enforce the barrier gestures.

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Go shopping
Shops will be able to reopen as of May 11, with the exception of the large shopping centers, which are very crowded and could hardly manage to respect social distancing.

Get together with family or friends, at home or on the public highway
Dinners and other meetings between relatives will be possible again from May 11, provided they do not exceed ten people. However, specifies the Prime Minister, it is necessary to avoid the gatherings which are all occasions for the spread of the virus.
The bars and restaurants will remain closed at least until the beginning of June, the end of the first phase of deconfinement.

Go to the cemetery and to a funeral
The cemeteries will reopen as of May 11. On the other hand, funeral ceremonies should, as today, be limited to around twenty people.

Go to church, mosque or temple
The places of worship can remain open since the beginning of the confinement but the religious leaders were asked not to encourage the faithful to move. Until at least the beginning of June, no religious ceremony (marriage, baptism) should take place. The town halls should also continue to propose the postponement of civil marriages, said the Prime Minister.

This information and measures are likely to evolve, to be clarified or modified in the coming days and weeks depending on the decisions of the authorities and the first effects of this gradual deconfinement.

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