Maya Diab in a photo session in the middle of the sea at night… and her look catches the eye

The Lebanese actress was kidnappedMaya DiabThe attention of her followers with a new photo that she posted on her personal page on the social networking site.

At night, Diab appeared on a boat in the sea while she was undergoing a photo session in a long black dress.
Maya charmed the hearts of many, as usual, with her beauty and elegance.
Maya won the success of the clip for her song “Ahlan wa Sahlan”, which was directed by Lebanese director Jad Choueiri, and two days after its release, it achieved nearly 90,000 views.
Welcome from the words of Mahmoud Al-Kayati, composed by Mohamed Yahya and distributed by Gizo, and it is the second song from Maya Al-Masry’s upcoming album “Aktar Shwaya”, after the song “Hatali Rouge”, which she collected with the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Al-Leithi, and it is written by Malak Adel, composed by Mahmoud Al-Leithi and distributed by Mahmoud Al-Leithi. Islam Chipsy.


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