Sport Mbappé and Hazard, "dangerous" friendships

Mbappé and Hazard, “dangerous” friendships


Kylian Mbappé and Eden Hazard have a friendship relationship that began forging itself in 2018, at the World Cup in Russia, then they coincided in various awards ceremonies, immersed in the votes of the best players in the world.

Hazard heard then that Mbappé told him that he was one of his idols in his youth stage. When the young Frenchman began to emerge, the Belgian was already a consecrated star at Chelsea.

Now, it is Hazard who praises Mbappé for his growth as a footballer, until he is among the best on the planet with his enviable youth.

The two jokingly comment that every time they speak, the morbidity of their future coincidence is heated. The two have one clear thing that is undeniable: they would like to play together

Mbappé has contacted Hazard to inquire about his fibula operation and recovery. The Madrid player has already entered a second phase of the evolution process and hopes to reappear when the competition returns to Spain.

He wants to play the remaining eleven days of the League, at the expense of what happens with that damn pandemic. He also wants to play the second leg of the Champions League, in Manchester, and try the feat.

Each call between them carves out another chapter of the “dangerous friendships” seen from the outside: that the two can be together at Real Madrid. They both joke about it every time they talk. But it’s true: they both want to play together. .


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