Mbappé the detonator, Icardi the hardworking

The double of a Mbappé still decisive, the activity of Verratti, but also the disappointing match of Mauro Icardi: find the Tops and Flops of this match between Feignies Aulnoye and PSG (0-3).


Mbappé shook the amateurs
To unbalance a grouped defense, its percussion force has necessarily been useful. In legs, as usual, Kylian Mbappé has constantly sought to play forward, finding good stints to get dangerous situations. Provoking the two Parisian penalties (by transforming the first), he scored in the end a double and made a lot of differences. He was bound to be hungry for his very last match of 2021, since he will be suspended in Lorient next Wednesday.

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Unmissable Verratti
His presence remains essential to make the Parisian game more fluid. And it is no coincidence that all the balloons pass through him. Always so accomplice with Mbappé in his short stints, the Italian’s long game was especially interesting to unbalance the opposing defense.

The promises of players trained at PSG
Starting in midfield, Xavi Simons and Dina Ebimbe were really interesting in creating this relationship with the attackers. For his 3e Appearance only under the Parisian colors, Xavi Simons notably showed all his technical ease. On the move, he offered a lot of solutions and his shift for Dagba on the 3e Parisian goal was decisive. He could have even participated in the party without an outside of the foot spinning right next to it (85e). For her part, Dina Ebimbe was interesting for her power and her ability to take space.


Icardi, still below
The Argentinian has rarely started lately and he had the opportunity to reassure himself against the fans of N3. Of course, he scored, but from the penalty spot. Because in the game, Mauro Icardi was still in difficulty to finish his actions. Providing himself some interesting situations, the Parisian striker justified his current poor form and wasted a lot, notably finding the post. He has not scored a goal in the game since 19 September last, against Lyon (2-1).

Feignies Aulnoye logically did not exist
Resident of National 3, Feignies Aulnoye has, logically, encountered difficulties to exist vis-a-vis the Parisian ogre. If they fought well, by trying to block the spaces as much as possible, the amateurs gradually paid for their efforts. Their adventure ends as expected in these 32nd finals.


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