Mealworms soon on our plates

Dried or powdered, mealworm, or mealworm, the sale of which is illegal in France today, could be marketed by mid-2021 throughout the European Union. This follows a favorable opinion from the European Food Safety Authority issued on January 13.

Feasting on dried or powdered mealworms? The idea is not new, but is gradually taking hold. On January 13, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a notice authorizing, “In a few months, the sale of mealworms in supermarkets for consumption, throughout the European Union”, report The Guardian. This opinion follows requests from Agronutris, a French insect production company.

“This first risk assessment of an insect as a novel food may pave the way for the first such industry-wide approval.EU”, explains to the daily Ermolaos Ververis, scientific manager of the unit ofEFSA.

Because if it is easy to get insects online or in delicatessens, their sale is not legal in France. The reason: a European regulation dating from 2018, which classifies insects in the Novel food category and requires an authorization from the Commission before they are put on sale. “This text signed the death sentence in theEU the emerging insects for consumption sector ”, specifies the article.

According to the opinion of the Authority, the European Commission will have “seven months” to submit to the Member States a draft bill to authorize the placing on the market of these worms and specifying their marketing conditions, details the article.

Peanut taste

The interest is primarily ecological: despite their gloomy appearance, these insects rich in protein come from a “Livestock with a limited carbon footprint” compared to other sources of protein, emphasizes The Guardian. The interest would then be gustatory: the insect, once roasted, would taste like peanuts.

Finally, warns the newspaper, if the scientists attest that these worms can be consumed without danger and be integrated into processed products, they nevertheless advise against them to people allergic to shellfish or to mites, to avoid any risk of rash.


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