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MediaTek today announced globally about its latest chip for smart TV aka smart TV. Called by MT9638, cip MediaTek that puts forward AI (artificial intelligence). The reason is, MediaTek mention MT9638 contains APU (AI processing unit) which has high performance. With the APU, MediaTek claim MT9638 has features like AI super resolution, AI image quality, and AI voice assistant. Other than that, MediaTek added anyway MT9638 has various other features such as VRR (variable refresh rate) and MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation). As a result, MediaTek believes MT9638 able to make smart TV who use it competitively. MediaTek MT9638 also supports 4K, HDR10 +, local dimming, HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.0, dan far field microphone.

“When smart household appliances become the more sophisticated and diverse, smart TVs are becoming the new hub for smart homes as consumers take advantage of AI-enabled multimedia features to control all their devices right from their smart TVs, “said Alex Chen (General Manager of the TV Business Unit, MediaTek). “Chip MT9638 recently continued our journey as the No. 1 chip provider. 1 for smart TV, provide AI experience, multimedia, game, and incredible entertainment to consumers with 4K theater quality, ”he added.

Thanks to the AI ​​image quality, MediaTek mention MT9638 can display content with scene recognition simultaneously real-time and automatically adjusts color saturation, brightness, sharpness, dynamic motion compensation, and noise reduction to improve image quality smart TV overall. Super AI resolution from MediaTek plus MEMC, it can also increase content resolution through merging multiframe to produce a clearer picture on smart TV versus actual content resolution.

Meanwhile, VRR makes it possible smart TV to adapt refresh rateher with frame rate of the displayed content. As a result, the content displayed can appear smoother. For gamers on PC, VRR is certainly useful for reducing tearing and stuttering on the third view playing the game. As for the AI ​​voice assistant render smart TV can be commanded by voice by the user.

Availability smart TV 4K that uses MT9638 on the world market is expected MediaTek starting in the second quarter of 2021. However, MediaTek did not specify the prediction for Indonesia.

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