Medicine graduates could be cut in half due to the pandemic

The Minister of Health, Rossana Chahla He received authorities from the UNT Faculty of Medicine in his office and they discussed the gradual reincorporation of the students to the classrooms and the possible return of the figure of the hospital practitioner.

At the meeting, a worrying fact emerged, a consequence of the pandemic: in the country the graduation of doctors is going to fall by 50 percent. To mitigate the impact of this market, Chahla opened the doors of the Health System for students to return to their activities. “The minister wants us to return to the old figure of the hospital practitioner who is actually a very interesting figure who knew how to be of great educational value for students and an aid to the health system,” said the dean and doctor Mateo Martinez.

The dean emphasized that the incorporation of students must be done “with the appropriate prudence, especially of the mandatory final practice of Medicine students and other careers.” The doctor pointed out that every day more cases of covid-19, especially in some parts of the country, and this can happen in Tucumán.

Beyond the pandemic

Martínez recalled that other health problems exist and occur that afflict the population. For this reason, he said that they made the shared decision to take an electrocardiography course to reintegrate the infarction network; a network that the Nation is promoting.

Thus, it is intended that any health worker, be it a doctor, nurse, driver, administrative worker, knows what to do in the event of a heart attack and be able to save a life.


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