Medicine students from USP-T will carry out educational practices at SIPROSA – Tucumán

Nine medical students of the San Pablo University -T They begin the educational practices that they will carry out at SIPROSA, after a cooperation act has been signed between both institutions.

The opening ceremony was held at the Emergency Department 107 of SI.PRO.SA. and the holder of the sanitary portfolio participated, doctor Rossana Chahla, the medical executive secretary, doctor Luis Medina Ruiz, the director of Emergencies 107, doctor Francisco Barreiro, and the deputy director, doctor Juan Palavecino; the founder of Casa de Altos Estudios, doctor Catalina Pot, the director of the Institute of Health and Quality of Life of USP-T, doctor Horacio Deza, and the rector of the university, doctor Ramiro Albarracin.

In this regard, the Minister of Health said: “Today we are launching the rotation of the students of the last year of the medical career of the University of San Pablo T, who have voluntarily decided to carry out the rotary at this time of pandemic. It will be 9 weeks of rotation: 3 in the emergency service, then 3 in the fever clinic and 3 in hospitalization of Covid, critical and non-critical.

“Since the university authorities contacted us, we began to work on an agreement that protects each of the volunteers through ART, and they are willing to work on this Covid program for all universities that want to do the rotating ”Chahla explained. In addition, he said that the main objective is learning in the pandemic to serve the citizenry and, above all, in the management of the respiratory airways.

Meanwhile, he expressed: “From the Health System we have been trainers for a long time and with this link between the public and the private. We believe that it is a strategic action to prepare students in the acquisition of capacities, competencies and abilities that they need to graduate from doctors. It is an association that empowers us ”. In this sense, the minister said: “We will always continue working so that there are more highly trained medical professionals, not only from the scientific and academic point of view, but also from the humanization of health,” he closed.

For her part, Dr. Catalina Lonac commented that this idea arose from a request from students who had already completed their course and only lacked the rotary. “I contacted the minister to request the authorization of the students to carry out the rotary in the public health system and we immediately had a positive response.”

“Both the minister and we understand that the vocation of these students was to fight for health and today they have a great opportunity to learn in a pandemic, which is something atypical. I think they are privileged, “Lonac said.

Meanwhile, Deza said that it is an innovative attitude since it is a merger between a public and a private entity with a very important objective, which is the training of future professionals. “The proposal was presented and approved by the Minister of Health, which today begins until the end of January and then begins another section in rural internship.” In addition, he added that the students are prepared to face this situation that they requested and took the opportunity to thank the support of infectology, medical clinic and medical emergencies, with whom they configured this different work scheme.

Finally, Albarracín added: “This collaborates with something that we had proposed from the university at the beginning of the year, which is to reconcile the health of our students, teachers and administrators, at the same time that they do not lose the academic year. Luckily we have been able to achieve it with all subjects. It is a great pride and we thank the minister for allowing our students to have this opportunity today ”.

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