Meet Opel’s new face. All future models will receive this mask

The new generation of Opel Mokka will become the first carrier of an element called the Opel Vizor. This is a new face of the brand, which is revealed by the attached sketch.

The German carmaker says that the team led by chief designer Mark Adams has prepared an unmistakable mask, which was named Opel Vizor. The creators are said to have been inspired by the appearance of the integral motorcycle helmet and its covered visor, which follows the shapes of the helmet.

The first generation of the Mokka crossover will be the first to wear this design element. The front grille is to organically integrate the radiator grill, headlights and brand logo into a single module – Vizor. In addition, it will become a hallmark of all new Opel in the near future. In the video attached below, you can recall how the new Mokka gradually began to be revealed some time ago.


In addition to the above, the design element should also reflect the inspiration of the legendary first-generation Opel Manta. The visor stretches in a single wide arc over the entire front of the car, so it optically increases its width. The designers resigned themselves to any other redundant decors. The middle part is dominated by the well-known symbol of lightning. The mask is followed by LED Matrix headlights, or their latest generation IntelliLux LEDs.

“It was extremely important for us to create a new and fresh face of the Opel brand that will fulfill the future design philosophy,” Adams said in an official press release. “The style of our other cars will be bold and extremely clean in terms of design. A traditional radiator grille is not necessary for an electric car such as the new Mokka. The visor thus naturally integrates the most modern lighting and other technologies into one whole, “ explains below.

In the carmaker’s logo on the front and back, two completely clear axes should intersect: horizontal and vertical. The central longitudinal spur in the bonnet, which appeared on all the latest models, will be even more pronounced. In the final, the new Mokka should be significantly more attractive than its predecessor.

Let’s be surprised!


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