Mental health consultant: Some Corona recoverers suffer from “paranoia” .. Video

Dr. Walid Hindi said Mental health consultantWhen a person is exposed to home isolation as a result of infection withnovel coronavirusfeel what is calledpsychological loneliness» As a result of not communicating with relatives well, and this changes the lifestyle he lives during the treatment period, pointing out that the patient loses between 10% and 15% of his body weight, which makes him suffer from wasting, physical weakness, stress and fatigue from the least effort after he recovers, as He feels difficulty breathing and swallowing, and he may lose about 10% of his muscles, all of which causes him a kind of psychological depression and causes him to have successive bouts of depression.

In a telephone interview with the “Good Morning Egypt” program, which is broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One and the Egyptian satellite channel, “Hendi” revealed ways to overcome depression during the isolation period, as it begins by choosing the best rooms in the house that are equipped with everything he needs, including water and television, and all means of communication are available. With the outside world, their importance in reducing the patient’s sense of social isolation.

He pointed out that a Corona patient may develop a mental illness after recovery, because the virus can infect more than one organ in the body, and therefore there is psychological research confirming that some Corona patients may develop paranoia.

The mental health consultant added that it is important to be part of the joy and fun for the patient and that talking to him is not limited to sympathy only, and that the room door is not closed to him, but this matter should be replaced by placing a tarpaulin on the door of the room so that the patient does not feel isolated and to give him the opportunity to see his family from the outside and communicate With them, pots and cups should not be replaced with plastic things but the best pots and cups should be allocated.

Walid Hindi stressed the need for the patient to participate in solving family problems so that he feels that he still has the ability to give and social communication, to raise the morale of the Corona patient and thus the ability to recover faster, and advised to stay away from means that lead to frustration because this can raise the patient’s rate stress and anxiety

He pointed out the need not to live in anxiety, explaining that life and death are not related to infection with Corona disease, as all global research has proven that the person who receives the vaccine increases the feeling of psychological competence.

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