Mercedes-Benz C-Class: a reborn star

The Stuttgart manufacturer lifts the veil on the fifth generation of the C-Class. Even more statutory than its predecessor, this sedan capitalizes on all of the brand’s achievements and does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the large S-Class, both in terms of design and in terms of on-board technologies.

If Mercedes-Benz dominates the global premium car market, it is largely thanks to a bestseller: the C-Class. This is, no more, no less, than its best-selling model. over the last decade with more than 2.5 million copies sold since 2014, the year of launch of the current and outgoing model! This volume, colossal to say the least, clearly gives an idea of ​​the planetary craze for “C”, more particularly in China, the United States, Germany and Great Britain, its leading world markets. Freshly unveiled, its replacement will have the heavy task of doing better or at least of perpetuating this success story. The first major asset put forward by this German, her newly sported, chiseled dress which immediately assimilates it to a reduced S-Class.

Sexy and taller
Similar details between the two models include front headlamps with boomerang graphics, tapered headlamps that stretch to the sides, those two long ribs that stretch down the sides, and a hood with pronounced tread patterns. participate in the sharp look of the vehicle. On the other hand, the new C sports its own grille, flanked by an imposing star, but which differs from one finish to another: a central star with slats for the base model, additional decorative inserts on the slats for the “C” Avantgarde and a diamond coating around a star crossed by a single blade on the AMG Line version. In short, the style is very successful and should be unanimous among the target clientele. Visually more fluid, the silhouette is also in the wind tunnel with an exceptional aerodynamic balance in this segment, i.e. a Cx of 0.24! A feat, especially since the template has evolved with 1 cm more in width (at 1.82 m) and, above all, 6.5 cm gleaned in length (at 4.75 m). On this last value, the wheelbase was lengthened by 2.5 cm (to 2.87 m). In view of the volume of the trunk which remains almost unchanged (455 liters), this stretch will certainly benefit the living space in a completely redesigned interior.

The cockpit of the new “S”
Wanted and assumed by the manufacturer, the aesthetic rapprochement with the S-Class is even more verified on board. The flagship element of this new furniture is the central console from which a vertically mounted shelf takes off. “The interior takes the strengths of the new S-Class, such as the display and operating concept, and offers a sporty interpretation,” the brand commented in a press release. The arrival of this large digital panel which also integrates the intelligent voice assistant MBUX (Hey Mercedes) means that there are fewer buttons on the center console and more on the steering wheel. Controls which, as in the S and E, are tactile. In terms of comfort equipment, digitalization and safety sophistication, the C-Class takes a new step and takes the lead in its category. Among its new high-tech treats, let us quote a head-up display with 3D effect, a central airbag between the front seats, a high-resolution lighting system known as “Digital Light” allowing to project markings and warning symbols on the roadway or a fingerprint scanner installed at the base of the central console through which the driver memorizes his personalized settings (seat position, audio preferences, driving mode, etc.) and secures access to his emails.

A fairly green sedan ‘
Hyper connected, the new C-Class is also very successful in terms of running gear, with optional rear wheel steering. Mechanically, it is a question of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units, all electrified. In gasoline, the C180 (170 hp), C200 (204 hp) and C300 (258 hp) versions will be offered, while in diesel, the choice will be between the C220d (200 hp) and the C300d (265 hp). These engines will automatically have a light hybridization (48 V), while some such as the C300e and the C300de will be plug-in hybrids equipped with a powerful 25.4 kWh battery which allows them to travel 100 km in “zero emission mode. »And up to 140 km / h. By the end of the year, and as is customary, the C-Class will be soaked in AMG high-vitamin sauce, whose power is announced at around 500 hp. In the meantime, this new generation of the star-studded family will first begin its commercial career in the main world markets with a launch planned towards the end of the first half of 2021.
One thing is certain: where it will be released, the new C will set the record straight against the competition, including two eternal rivals, compatriots and well appointed.

Jalil Bennani / Eco Auto Inspirations

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