Mercedes F1 Leaders “Not High enough to Win the 2021 Title”[F1-Gate .com]

Andrew Shoblin, trackside engineering director for Mercedes F1, admits that the current team has not reached a level sufficient to win the 2021 title.

Mercedes F1 won three of the opening four races and seemed to have sealed the Red Bull threat, but the momentum has changed completely since then. In the last two races, Mercedes F1 has only scored 7 points, with Max Verstappen leading in the Drivers’Championship and 26 points behind Red Bull Honda F1 in the Constructors’ Championship.

With no excuses from Mercedes F1 leaders, trackside engineering director Andrew Shoblin will regain his current form after seven years in both driver and constructor championships. Admits that it is not at the required level.

“The bigger problem we have to deal with is that the last two races haven’t been enough,” Andrew Shoblin said after the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“It wasn’t fast enough, I made a mistake, had a hard time switching on the tires, and was lagging behind in free practice.”

“I know the level I need to win the championship, but I haven’t reached that level right now, so I need to reorganize and regain performance in a way I know I can.”

“We have teams, machines and drivers to win this year’s championship, but we need to be tough and honest with ourselves for the next few days. We’ve had these days before. I’ve been there, but every time I’m back, I’m aiming to make it happen in France. ”

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